Deadly Affairs- Chapter 14

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                I had been watching the news these past couple days seeing if they got any new information about the murder, so far nothing has been said. The cops went over to Kellin’s house yesterday and he verified my alibi to them because it was the truth as far as he knew. Detective Walker and Detective Hotch haven’t come to arrest me or ask me any follow up questions so I’m assuming they found nothing incriminating against me. I was a little worried at first, even though I was 1000% sure that I didn’t leave anything behind I was still a little worried just because the idea of someone trying to dig up dirt on me, especially when it has to do with my hobby that’s illegal is kind of nerve-wracking to think about. The office is still closed because of the investigation and they haven’t given us a day on when it will be back open. I don’t mind though, I’ve just been sitting at home relaxing and doing nothing until Kellin comes over after he gets off work then we end up having sex or hanging out. I prefer doing the first one and so does he apparently because he’s always the one to initiate it, I don’t even have to try.

                I hung out with Justin yesterday and he still seemed shaken up about the murder of our boss which I didn’t quite understand because he didn’t like him and he didn’t even know him for that long. I just played along though, I acted like I was in shock and at a loss for words since these ‘tragic turn of events’ came up. Today I realized that I have absolutely nothing do at my house so I decided I’ll just go out and find something entertaining to do. I was walking pass all these stores, glancing inside the windows, to see if there was anything interesting or that would catch my eye but there was nothing until I  was about to pass a store with something quite interesting that could keep my attention for quite some time. Walking into the store you could see the little puppies playing with each other. I walked to the counter to see if I could get anyone to help me out.

“Excuse me; can I see one of the puppies?” I asked.

“Sure.” A lady smiled then came from behind the counter. “Which one?”

“The black fuzzy one.” I smiled looking down at all the puppies. She handed me the puppy and I sat on the floor with it in my lap. The puppy started to nibble on my fingers and I let him because it was just too adorable to stop. Petting him, his fur was so soft and he had the brownest eyes I’ve ever seen. I just wanted to take him home.

“Careful, you and animals don’t mix well remember?” I heard a voice that I knew like the back of my hand but hadn’t heard in a while say. I looked up and saw my brother, Mike standing there. I stood up and placed the puppy back in the play pin with the other puppies.

“I’ve never hurt a dog.” I said.

“Yeah but you shot that squirrel when we were younger.” Mike said.

“It was chewing on the power lines!” I said.

“And that’s when your thirst for blood start.” He smirked. I grabbed him and gave him a quick hug then let go.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I watch the news.” He said. “You really need to learn how to control your temper.”

“I control it just fine.” I walked out the store, holding the door open as Mike followed behind me. We went to a fast food place and got some food then walked home, silently. We didn’t really talk that much in general but we were super close I know that whenever I need him he’ll be there even when I don’t ask, like right now and vice versa. Once we got to my house we sat down, turned on the TV, and began eating our food.

“So really why are you here? I have everything under control.” I said.

“Well when a murder happens at your work and it’s on the news, I think it’s time for a visit.” He said then biting into his burger. Even though Mike is my little brother he likes to look out for me like a big brother. I like to look out for him too but I guess I get into trouble and need help out of it a little more than he does so he tends to play the big brother role a lot. Mike is the only one who knows about my ‘hobby’, if it were up to me he wouldn’t but he does and he loves me so much that he’s willing to even help me cover up my crimes if I get in over my head.

“It’s okay if you missed me and just wanted to drop by.” I joked. Any time he comes to visit it’s for reasons like this and as we’ve gotten older it seems like the only thing we talk about now. So if I could make jokes here and there to lighten the mood then I would. I know it must be a heavy burden on his shoulders to keep this secret for me and I can’t thank him enough. It seems he takes it pretty well though because sometimes he’ll joke a long with me. Mike looked over at me and smiled then continued eating. After we finished we threw our trash away then stood in the kitchen for a second.

“So what happened?” he asked wiping his mouth off with a napkin.

“Nothing, he just was about to ruin things for me so I had to stop him.” I replied casually.

“Did you get rid of the evidence and clean up behind yourself?” he asked.

“I’m not an idiot, I’ve done this before.” I rolled my eyes.

“What about an alibi?”

“Yes, I have an alibi.” I sighed getting annoyed with his questions. I walked down the hall towards my room.

“I’m just checking.” He said. I could hear him close behind.

“Well see for yourself then, duffle bag cleaned, equipment cleaned, no blood on anything.” I showed him all the tools that I used to kill people that were in the back of my closet.

“You should throw away the bag just in case blood is on it; it’s black so you can’t really be sure and you should put these tools of yours in the garage, it’s creepy to have them in here.” He said sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I need them close by.” I shut the closet doors.

“Why, killing people in your room these days?” he joked.

“If someone breaks in all I have to do is go over to my closet not walk to the garage. By the time I get to the garage they would have already shot me.” I said.

“It’s a kinky thing; you totally get off from it.” He grinned. There was this noise of something falling over and both of our eyes shot to the door. I saw Kellin standing there in shock then turn around and began to run. I was in shock myself so I was frozen in place. Mike on the other hand jumped up and sprinted after him. I heard a loud thud then I ran out there so see Kellin on the ground knocked out.

“Mike! What the fuck?!” I yelled bending down to check on Kellin.

“What? He heard us talking; he’ll probably go to the cops!” He said. I didn’t say anything back I just kept checking to make sure nothing was seriously wrong with Kellin. “Who is he, anyway?”

“My boyfriend.” I said. “You could’ve hurt him badly, you know?”

“Well sorry I was trying to save your ass.” He said sarcastically.

“I never asked you to save me!” I got louder.

“No, of course not; you just dragged me into your bloody mess of killing!” He raised his voice too.

“You were the one that wanted to help!”

“I was 18! I didn’t want to lose my brother, I looked up to you so of course I helped!” he face was turning red from anger. “And newsflash if he tells you’re not the only one going to jail. He heard me talking about it with you so I did what I had to. You’re the one killing people so out of us two I think I should call the shots because you’re crazy!” his eyes widened saying that last part. He never called me crazy before, it kind of hurt to be honest but I wasn’t going to let that show. I looked at him with a blank stare.

“I’ll get the duct tape.” He began walking away but I grabbed his arm.

“We are not taping him up. Take him in my room and lay him on my bed.” I said. We basically went into this staring match but Mike finally gave in like he usually does. He picked Kellin up and dragged him into my room, I followed behind him.

“Wait in the living room.” I said to Mike as he put Kellin on the bed. He gave me a look that said ‘this is a bad idea’, I rolled my eyes and closed the door as he left out. Standing beside the bed, looking at Kellin, I ran my fingers through my hair and huffed. I had no idea what I was going to say to him when he woke up, I’m screwed.

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