Chapter 1

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"Sugar, honey, let's go to the mart!" My mom's voice is so annoying that I wish she could just leave me in peace.

God, I can't stand her anymore!

Why the hell does she want me to look exactly like my thirteen sisters? Does she think I am as dumb as them? I wish my father would support me, since he is the most caring man ever, but unfortunately he won't, since he depends that much on Mom.

Kayci is cluelessly watching TV. Her eyes look absent. Harlie, Kelsey and Tilley are laughing back at her, while watching Hell's Kitchen. God, I hate them laughing when it comes to Hell's Kitchen!

Darcie is brushing her hair, much to my distress, while this isn't what Ashlyn needs, as hers is tucked in a lot of little braids. Meanwhile, I look at my purple-dyed hair and realize, 'I must be proud of myself.'

Alaula and Jessica are commenting what is going on on TV. "The men lost the service," says the latter.

"Yeah, this blue team stinks!" adds Alaula quite rudely. Hailey and Frayer are joining Harlie, Kelsey and Tilley's laughter. At the same time, Kaitlyn and Krystal are eating junk food, with Mom yelling at them, "Don't forget to clean up!"

Lastly, Keely is shouting, "Kick that moron out! Kick him out! C'mon, Chef Ramsay! Get rid of him!"

I am pretty embarrassed at her reaction and shut her up. "Keely! Stop it!"

"C'mon, Sugar," she replies with a cheesy and sugary tone, "you don't need to be so sour."

Yeah. Everyone calls me Sugar, but I am anything but sweet. I am very bitter. I don't like those morons of my sisters. I don't want to be compared to any of them, ever! And, come on, my name isn't Sugar! It's actually Nola Marie Rennie, but I hate it even more, so I just bear with this absurd nickname.

Mom, after realizing I yelled at Keely, says, "Sugar! Are you coming or not?"

I roll my eyes. "Ok. I am coming. Anyway, I am getting fed up with Hell's Kitchen."

"Hell's Kitchen? That stupid show involving that moron of Gordon Ramsay?" she scoffs. "Come on, Sugar. You know there's much better stuff out there."

"How dare you call Gordon Ramsay a moron?" I shriek. "At least, he is entertaining. Not like Ridge and Brooke!" My mom is a huge fan of The Bold and the Beautiful and she has never, ever missed a single episode. Anyway, she can't stand anyone who criticizes that show, including my sisters and I. I bet she wants to go to the mart and spoil not only that freaking stupid soap opera, but also many other shows. God, I hate spoilers!

"Sugar, are you still willing to come or not? You're making me waste my time!" she points out, much to my dismay, as I don't want to go. But, anyway, I feel like I am bound to go and so I decide to follow her. Hopefully, I may be able to turn her afternoon into hell unless my friends distract me from this thought. (Did I mention that my besties, Aaleahya and Leighanne, are trying to turn me into a goody-too-shoes-next-door girl?)

As soon as I reach Mom's car (yeah, I suggested her buying a minibus once, but she refused, stating that, anyway, some of us would get a driving license) and take my seat, I start feeling a little better. Not only because I will be alone with Mom, and not with any of the shouting monkeys (read sisters), but also because I can message my friends without being spied by her - by the way, there is no chance that she can spy me, because she has to stay focused on driving, and, let me say, she is anything but.

But let's just not think of this. What matters is that I stay away from my family, my house, and Gordon Ramsay, as well.



I receive a couple of messages from my boring and uninspiring cousins Kaela and Amy.

Amy: Hi Sugar, are you gonna hit the mall? Coz I've got lotta to tell u!

Kaela: Don't forget 2 bring money 2. We all know how greedy u r!

I: I ain't greedy @ all! U don't know me!

Amy: Not sorry...

I decide not to reply to Amy's last message because I'm fed up with her attitude. She is so stuck-up that I wish people like her disappeared.

God, I want Aaleahya or Leighanne to send me something or call me because I am not gonna reply to those two assholes any longer, even if I am desperate. (Did you know that desperation has devastating effects on people like me? Yeah. I know you don't, and maybe you don't even care. Never mind)

As soon as Mom and I reach the mart, I forget the message matter and just focus myself on acting up. I have to pretend to be enjoying myself, even though I don't, and not complain. Easier said than done, though. This place is packed with insane old people, nowhere near being close my age. The average age here is 58. Is it worrying?, may be anyone else's thought. But, unfortunately, I know it is a major cause of distress.

God, how bored I am! Why can't I just stay in a place where I can hang out with people my age, better known as my friends? Oh, right. I have to help Mom with the shopping. She expects me to be the perfect daughter. But I am anything but. I am bad, and will always be bad.

So, she start picking some random snacks no-one would ever eat, just because they're healthy! Come on! Me and health never, ever, go together.

As soon as Mom is about to buy yet more of that disgusting shit unworthy of being called "snack", I spot someone else buying M&M's and chips. They are two girls. I immediately recognize their looks: one of them has long, black hair and the dark skin; the other is much paler and has long black braids and lots of piercings. I yell at them. "Aaleahya! Leighanne! Here I am!"

Suddenly, they turn toward me and Aaleahya yells back, "Hey Sugar! Do you wanna buy some trash food?"

"There are Mars at 50 cents. You'd better come before they run out," advises Leighanne, yelling as well.

"I am coming!" Without saying any other words, I run off towards them.

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