Chapter 18- Monday

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Chapter 18- Monday

Beep! Beep! Beep!

I slam my hand against the off button of my alarm clock.

Ugh, its Monday. That means school.


Hey, I might be a nerd but that doesn't mean I like school.

I wake up and quickly get the in the shower, managing to change and look semi-presentable. It's not like I have to look totally presentable, no hot guys will talk to me at school anyway.

There are only three really hot guys in our school; Dylan, Sebastian and Ryan, They will most likely not even look in my direction. Hopefully.

I get into my ugly green van and get to school before the bell rings. As I walk into the school everybody looks alive and excited. Huh, this is new. Normally everybody is half dead on a Monday morning. I walk to my locker to get my stuff out and Ruby walks up to my with a grin, "Hey, did you hear?" Ruby asks. "Hear what?" I ask.

"Our grade has to meet in the dance hall in ten minutes." Ruby says almost jumping up and down. The dance hall is the place we meet when the school has a surprise outing or good news to give us. No wonder if everybody looks alive.

As Ruby and I walk down the corridors to the dance hall someone slings their arm over my shoulder. I look up to see that its Dylan and I roll my eyes, "Hey nerd." He greets. "Did you hear, some people are saying we are going to the diversion park." Ryan says, walking in the oppose side of Dylan with Sebastian walking next to Ruby. Great, Dylan and his fucking delinquents.

She's staring down at the floor with flushed cheeks. Aww, that's so cute that she has a crush on Sebastian. I'd definitely ship it.

The diversion park is a theme park that has a water park, a rollercoaster section and a huge food area that sell a things from pizza's to candy apples. Its basically the best thing they have in this town. Although I've never actually been, I've heard a lot about it.

Disneyland is close but not in this town and I've never been there either but it's probably too expensive for the school to take us there.

We walk into the hall and sit down. Dylan, Ryan and Sebastian come and sit down with us. Is this some kind of prank? I swear I kneed him where the sun don't shine just last week.

Our principal, Mr. Greene, walks in with a smile on his face. He looks sweet and is really nice but you don't want to get on his bad side, he is like those people that are just so nice but if they hate you then you're dead

"Hello students, as you all know, there is a holiday in four days," A few students cheer and whistle, "and so for this week there will be no school and instead but will be a cultural week. Each grade will have different activities for this week and when you leave you can each pick up a sheet of the activities for this week. Friday school will be closed. That is all." Mr. Greene walks out the hall and we all take a sheet with the activities on it and then walk out the hall.

I read the sheet,

Monday: Normal school
Tuesday: Diversion park outing (dress in Summer cloths and bring swimming costume and towel)
Wednesday: Central mall outing (optional-bring money)
Thursday: Beach and night party (bring costume and towels)
Friday: School closed

I look up at Ruby who has a grin from ear to ear, "This is awesome! No school!" She says. I laugh and shake my head at her enthusiasm.

"Will you be my buddy this week. Like, we stay together the whole time? Cause my other friends are all kind of jerks." Ruby asks. I nod my head, "Definitely." Can't decline the only possible friend I have.

"Ruby! You coming with us? We're going to a club after school?" one of the guys in our school shout to Ruby. She scrunch as her nose and shakes her head, "No thanks!" she shouts back.

The rest of the day was a boring blur of algebra and Shakespeare.

I'm good at maths but it is the most boring subject on the face of the earth, honestly.

I'm sorry to the people that like Maths but my passion for Maths is equal to the need for those single bananas in Mario cart; basically non-existent.


Its Friday *jumps up and down* time to parrrty (and there is going to be sushi at the party! Yaaas!) sorry about the short chapter but hopefully you'll like the next one more ;)

- TheDesiredWriter

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