Chapter 14: Riddles

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She looked at the woman, who was now on the ground with deep wounds engraved into her body. Meathil looked down upon the queen who wasn't moving. The demon said she had to win in a sword fight, and she did. Was she dead? She couldn't be after being that powerful. Meathil breathed in and out trying to catch her breath, her body was beginning to wear out. Her limbs were sore, and her wrists and legs cut. She had wounds all over, but she wouldn't give up. Now was her chance to get the gem. She ran down the pathway that lead to the center of the maze, she memorized where it was. Meathil stopped though, when something caught her attention. She turned back to see the demon queen, the body.. It was... Healing itself. The wounds that she had pounded into the woman were now gone, and the body was rising from the ground. The movement was swift and beast like. The queen stood up and hissed at her.

"Nicely done! But you're not done yet Meathil, or did you forget. You still have part two of you test. And I can assure you, you will fail."

The sizzling chills of the voice made her spine crawl. She couldn't make it out, but something about his woman was not normal. It was like something was possessing her, something dark, something evil.

"Then give it to me."

"What?" The demon hissed as it walked over to her.

"You heard what I said, give me my last challenge. Unless your scared?" That word made the snap her head to look at Meathil, and growl like an animal. The growl was so vicious that it made Meathil take a few steps back.

"Let's see what you got, captain. This part is not what many would normally expect, it is something that I myself have been wondering if anyone can get it." The demon queen looked at her with those red eyes and a devilish grin on her face. The woman's silver skin shone with shadows as she announced the challenge. "Answer this riddle correctly, and get the gem."

"A riddle?" She asked her eyes still fixed on the queen. She looked around darting her eyes between the woman and the gem. A riddle? She was no good at riddles. She knew there was someone who was, her mind just couldn't think of them for some reason. Meathil shifted her feet and was instantly statued by the small shift in air.

"Yes a riddle." She felt the words being breathed on her neck. The woman hissed and dragged her nails against her neck. The nails were surprisingly really sharp, as if blades were caressing her skin. "Are you ready to here it?" Meathil didn't dare look down, for the fear of getting her throat sliced flooded her heart. She took a deep breath in and the grip around her sword tightened. This person, creature, demon, was ready to kill her the second she heard the wrong answer. She needed to be smart, who was smart? She knew someone who was smart, but they didn't come to her mind! Why couldn't she remember them! She relaxed her heart rate and spoke.


"Good," the woman hissed and a shrieking laugh poured out of her. It sent chills all through he body, this woman really was evil, full of malice. "Here it goes."

It is painful yet soothing?
Others desire to achieve it?
It makes you ache inside?
You are comfortable yet always weary.
It is inescapable once achieved,
and unachievable before found?
What is it?

It boggled her mind, something that is soothing yet painful? Is there such a thing? Something unachievable and has to be found? Inescapable. She couldn't think of anything, and time wasn't on her side either. She had fifteen seconds, fifteen seconds that could kill or save her. Painful, swords? Dark magic? Fist fighting? Was it even physical pain? Depression! No depression isn't soothing. It has to be found? You can't find depression, you can find swords. But weapons aren't exactly inescapable. Meathil looks through the great sea kings eyes and see's them, them all. People! Real people who were in danger and would die if she didn't figure it out! Thirteen seconds. Why couldn't she think of it? What the hell was it?! Others yearn for it? It couldn't be something bad right? She looked at the people through the eyes, the people in the real world. Who were they? She didn't have the slightest clue, but some how her gut was telling her she had met them before. At least once, she had talked to them at least once. Twelve seconds. Goddammit! She scanned everywhere, what could it possible be? Her eyes landed on a boy, he had light hair and skin, his eyes were on her. He seemed to be calling to her, his stare burning into her. He was in black and white, yet some how she knew exactly how he would look in color. Slowly his eyes began to show signs of color in them. This made her heart jump and start to beat rapidly. His bright green eyes. Green eyes. Something she knew, something that was familiar. The eyes that looked directly at hers, and the whole world stopped.


"Look I got a official captains ring-!" The memory felt like it was yesterday. They stood in the hallway staring at her hand. She achieved it. He looked at it and smiled. "And your my informant E-"

"Did you get that information I wanted?" She questioned the boy, he was in almost all her memories. He brought out a stack of paper.
"Just as you ordered." His voice, it was soothing and comfortable.

"Hey don't hurt him!" She had been screaming at someone because they shot the boy. They were only seven, little boy had an injured leg. He suffered to force a smile and say he was okay. His suffering brought pain to her.

"Well, could you stay with me tonight?.... Please?" The night, the boy had slept in her bed, holding her tight. And not being able to lye closer to him made her heart ache.

I love you Eglanor




"It. Is. Love." Meathil stared at the ground. What was that? She'd never said that to anyone? Eglanor! Eglanor! The boys name! The one who she saw, who's eyes were full of color when the world was not. Eglanor. She'd never said that though... I... love... you-.

"You...You actually got it right? That was the answer, and now it not only changes things for you, but also for me. Love, what a silly word, but the most powerful one if used correctly." She stared at the queen in amazement, for once she looked sincere. For once there was no greed or malice in those eyes, only peace. "Well, a deal is a deal, I guess. Go ahead, be the savior, be it." The demon queen steps aside and Meathil immediately snaps out of her thoughts. She sprints toward the gem as fast as she can. Five seconds. Meathil leaps over thorns and lunges to grab the gem. Two seconds. Finally her hands wrap around the golden gem and pull it out of its place. A wave of relief showers over her, she looks at the time, one second... zero. She sighs catching her breath and then see's the woman stand in front of her and smile. "You were a worthy opponent, such one who can defeat me should learn my name. It's Eredhelil, thank you, Meathil." 

With that the golden light of the gem fills the endless black pit with light and Meathil finds herself in a tornado of wonder. Golden light surrounded her, the silky texture of the stars and a fairy tale paradise. She felt the weight of the world lift off of her as she slid, down and endless slide of gold. The slide was rough, almost scaly, she enjoyed the breeze against her skin. She saw flashes of her past, her present, her memories, her friends, her... Eglanor. She slid down the lovely slide and then felt air, she opened her eyes to see she was flying through the air towards the ship. She hit the deck like a bag of rocks and saw as the golden gem soar through the air and land directly on the fore head of the once dark king. The minute the gem hit his scales, the king of the Cex sea turned a ancient gold color and the deep blue waters turned a beautiful sky blue. The scales of the marvelous creature shined under the sun and made the world stop. Meathil laid on the deck, her strength completely shot, and her power completely done. She moved her head slightly to see everyone rushing towards her, but she didn't pay any attention to them, all she saw was Eglanor. His blonde hair flowed behind him as he and his green eyes ran to her side. 

"Mea!" He was crying as he approached her, Meathil's heart skipped a beat at the sight. She felt all those things, pain, soothingness, achievement, comfortable, and an ache in her heart. She felt it all. With the little strength left she flung herself from the hard deck into Eglanor's arms and hugged on tight, his muscled body clinging to her's. She didn't notice it but she was crying too. She hugged him so tight she could have broken the boy, but he was alright. He would always be alright. Eglanor's eyes met hers and she smiled at him and rested her head on his chest as he picked her up princess style. "You're pretty weak you know."

"Eglanor!" She laughed and cuddled up next to his body as he carried her off of the deck and down into the cabins, where she would dream and heal. Eredhelil, she'd heard the name before, but what interested her more was why the woman told Meathil her real name. It intrigued her for the rest of the night, but what helped her sleep. Was knowing that Eglanor was safe, and feeling the heat of his body against her's as she drifted off to sleep. 

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