Author's Note

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Author's Note

      Wow. We're finally done. I honestly can't believe it. Thank you so much to everyone who bothered to read, vote, comment, or follow the story in any way. It means a lot to me. The story was shorter than I had originally thought that it would be, but I think that where I ended it was a perfectly reasonable and right place. Thank you so much.

      Mkay, so when I started writing this, I was in a place where all these other "bad boy" (IT'S TWO WORDS) stories were popping up left and right. I read a TON of them, but none seemed really evoke anything within me. Majority of them were the cliche plot line of "bad boy meets good/"weird"/bad/nerdy girl, and they fall in love after some conflict." I didn't like that. It was so unrealistic. I wanted to write a "bad boy" story my way, but then as I progressed, it more transformed into a story about the "weird" girl, rather than her "bad" counterpart. I didn't intend for that to happen, but it did, and I'm glad that it did.

      What you're all probably wondering right now: NO I AM NOT WRITING A SEQUEL TO THIS. There are two stories (I'm Not That Girl, and then As Long As You're Mine) that happen before this one and have to do with Olivia's parents, but I must warn you, they are TERRIBLY written and the plots have major gaps in them. HOWEVER, I AM WRITING A NEW STORY CALLED "THE CLUB" AND LIV AND LUKE WILL BE THERE SO GO READ THAT!!!!

      Yet again, thank you all so much for going on this magical journey with me in the land of Something Bad. Question: Do you have a preferred cover that I've used over the course of this story, or are you chill with the one I currently have? So, yeah, this is the end. Bye. Imma miss ya. Y'all should totally check out my other stories. Love y'all so much. Thank you!


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