Chapter 14

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A/N: When I start a story I have a very rough idea what I want in it and make most things up as I go. That was why I didn't plan on even naming that random guy who approached Val in the pool. But since he appears in this chapter as well, I've decided that he should be Cain - the male lead in the story I'll be working on during Camp NaNo in April. Do you want to read the blurb?


Val's POV

I dashed downstairs, quickly scanning the hallway. When my eyes didn't find the person I was searching for, I returned to the pool room.

He wasn't there either.

Kitchen - nope.

Living room - nah.

Did he leave? I wondered as I headed towards the back yard. I could always find someone else, I guess...

There he was!

Wet dark hair and black swimsuit with two slim vertical grey lines on each side. He was in a small group of two other guys and two girls, laughing at something one of the boys said.

I marched towards him, grabbing the hand that wasn't holding a plastic cup. He startled and spilled some of his drink.

"What the..."

"Come on," I pulled him towards the house.

"Wait, what did..."

I did not pause.

More of his drink found itself on the floor.

"I said wait."

I barely managed to keep my balance when his heels dug into the ground, bringing me to a sudden halt. I turned around and glared.

"What did I do this time, you crazy chick?"

"Nothing. Now let's go." I tugged on his arm.

"Oh, no, no, no, no; I'm not going anywhere with you." He raised the cup to his mouth only to realize it was empty and throw in over his shoulder.

"Glad to know you are so worried about the environment," I said, pointing with my chin in the direction he'd thrown the cup.

"I heard the host is loaded. He can afford to get this place cleaned." He waved with his free hand.

"Aha. Let's go." I turned around once more, but he swirled me back towards him.

"I told you I wasn't going..."

"You wanted to get to know me earlier, right?" I reminded him.

"Yeah, and my wrist still hurts because of that." He gave me a flat smile.

"Well, I'm not going to twist your arm again. Now let's go inside and dance."

"Dancing?" He looked me up and down with narrowed eyes.

Wow, he had beautiful light eyes. Looked kind of hot too, when they were half-closed.

I gave him the once over.

The rest of him was pretty impressive as well, especially the abs.

"What are you playing at?" He leaned closer to me and I wrinkled my nose when his breath carried the smell of alcohol.

"Not playing." I let go of him to cross my arms over my chest. "Just changed my mind."

"Mhm." He murmured, unbelieving.

"If you think I'm playing, dance with me and see what I'm up to. Unless you are scared that is," I challenged, looking straight into his eyes. I still couldn't tell what color they were.

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