Chapter 1

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The loud beeping of my alarm clock awoke me. I groaned and quickly turned it off, i slipped out of bed and stretched. I went and brushed through my long brown curls and tied it into a messy pony tail. I walked into my room and turned on my laptop and logged into youtube, i had a fairly small minecraft channel with around 190k subs. Okay maybe it wasn't so small but it wasn't as popular as some other people.

I decided to record a video since i didn't yesterday, i pulled out my microphone and opened up my recording program. I pressed start.

"Hey guys AmouredKantus or as some of you like to call me, Danny here! I'm gonna do some hide and seek today, ummm let's go into this one." I click onto one of the servers.

"Yes i freaking love this map!" I say as a little message pops up on the side saying how much time 'til the round starts and what map it is.

I smile as i see some people recognize me in the chat. I stop my character as i realise who else is in the same server as me, i see a familiar blue astronaut jumping around.

"Oh my god.." I whispered. 

I stayed silent for a few minutes until his character turned to me, i checked the name twice to make sure it was the real him. It was. Holy crap i was playing hide and seek with the REAL MinecraftUniverse!

The round started and i was spawned as the seeker. After 30 seconds i went around looking for people, i found someone and killed them. It ended up being Jason, many lols were sent in the chat.

I went around and killed about 10 more people before and i saw Jason getting some kills too. Once the round was over lots of people sent "GG". and we were all disconnected.

"holy shit i cant breathe" I said.

After a few other rounds i edited the video and uploaded it to youtube. After an hour or so of it being uploaded i looked at the comments, i like replying to some of them. I laughed when one read "0:45 Danny died" I replied with "Yes i did omfg".

I checked my channel and looked in my messages. I opened up one from the one and only MinecraftUniverse.

"Hey wanna maybe do a video some time? :) I really love your channel, it was cool seeing you today   in hide n seek!   Well anyway here's my skype i hope to play with you some time."


(a/n I haven't written a fanfic in a while but i would really love to get back into writing since i used to love it, so why not make a jason fanfic! I am also very new to wattpad and all the layouts and stuff so just bare with me i will figure it all out soon enough :P 


AmouredKantus is my real minecraft name so if you ever see me in hide and seek, Jason's server, Deadlox's server or anywhere say hello to me c: those are just the servers I'm on most!!)

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