Chapter 13- Two can play it that game!

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Hatsuharu's POV

~Recap~ "So, first you read my diary, and now you are calling me a bipolar freak?!" ~Recap~

Kyo looked around shocked. "I'm going to check on her....." he walked up. Yuki was second to recover. "Haru....." I shakily grabbed my coat as I felt Black Haru take over my entire being. "I'M GOING FOR A WALK!!!" I stomped outside. There are SO many words I can call her right now! I clenched my fists and walked in the park, until I got to the isolated part that was covered with trees. I walked right up to a tree and punched it. It made a hole. I pull my arm out, my knuckles scraped and bleeding. I smeared the blood on my knuckles. How? What? Why? Why did she say that?! It's not my fault I'm bipolar!!! When I'm white I am laid-back and kind and usually have a plain, straight-faced look, taking everything very calmly. When I'm black, however, I become violent, perverted, short-tempered, rude and cruel. It's not intentional. I can't control it! I heard footsteps behind me. I saw the bright orange hair. "Haru, dinners ready" He leaned against the tree I punched and basically fell through it. I shoved him out of my way.

I opened the door. I wasn't listening, just looking at my surroundings. Tohru in the kitchen, Shigure in a new clean Kimono, Kyo giving me a "what the hell" face, and then....... shit! Akemi walked into the dining room, talking to Yuki about something, laughing together, with his arm around her. Rage consumed my very being as I rushed to Yuki and shoved him. "WHAT THE F---?! GET THE HELL OFF OF HER!!!!!" I yelled. Tohru walked in. Yuki, barely hurt, just a little shocked by my action, dusted himself off. "Haru... are you-?" "SHUT UP!!" "Oh!" Tohru yelled. "Haru! Yuki! Are you ok?!" I turned to face her and her eyes were wide with fear. Oh, so Akemi likes me, and now she's suddenly with Yuki. Two can play it that game!

I walked right up to Tohru and she was afraid. "H-haru?" I just leaned forward and kissed her. I heard Akemi gasp and I smiled a bit. Tohru was frozen in her position. Her mouth was slightly open and I slid my tongue I her mouth. She suddenly came back to reality and pushed me away. "Haru.....?" She asked, freaked out with a full blown blushing face. I suddenly felt all anger leave my body. I was white Haru again. I look from a blushing Tohru, to a gaping Shigure, to a stunned Kyo, to a shocked Yuki, to a hurt Akemi. Wait..... has she been crying.....? What did I do?! She got her rage face on. Well, whatever I did, it pissed her off. Her face became flushed, then she turned purplish, then she became pale. She held her breath. And gave me the finger. You know the one. The one in the middle of the hand. Then she, being stressed, transformed. *POOF!* A horse was in the middle of the dining room. Since she was young, she was a small horse. Just a filly. Tohru suddenly brightened up. "OH! Akemi's the horse!" I gave her this look. Even in Horse form, Akemi was giving me the evil eye. Suddenly, I felt horrible again. Today has been..... eventful. *POOF!* Akemi transformed back and Shigure looked at her in awe. Yuki and Kyo quickly looked away. I turned by back to her. Why is this happening?! She must hate my guts right now. F--- my life.........

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