Chapter 12: Mercy

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I wanted to scream, I wanted to tell them that I was still here! Chara grinned evilly at my friends, my twin sister, picking up the knife I knocked out of her hands. I was still in my body but I didn't have control, I heard a crumbling sound, and Chara turned around to see Flowey.

"Chara, I got the The six Human souls for you--" Flowey was cut off by a swipe to his face from Chara, he was killed immediately.

"Bye-Bye Asriel." She smirked, Toriel and Asgore gasped at the name. Chara laughed darkly, as the six souls floated around her. She absorbed them one by one, with each one she became more dark. Using my body to the fullest, I could feel a liquid leave my eyes and I know it wasn't tears.

"Now it's your turn you filthy Monsters--" Just as The words left her mouth, a spear came darting towards Chara and I. She dodged it quickly with a never ending smile, she shook a finger at them.

"Ah, ah, ah! If you kill me, you kill Caitlin. And I know you wouldn't want that, since she saved you." Chara winked at them, her darkness growing by the second. Sans white pupils left his eyes, and his smile became strained. I knew I had to get control of my hands and arms, only my hands and arms.

"She saved us. Now it's our turn to save her." He said his tone dark, but not an evil way. More like a angry way. I took a deep breath in, and a deep breath out trying to save my energy to take control of my hands.

Sans started a battle with Chara, my soul and Her soul showed. It was completely black, except with a white dot in the middle. That is what's left from my soul, Sans knew this and growled.

"She was hurting her soul to save us.." Sans said whispering, but everyone heard. Chara didn't seem to notice my thoughts which is good, her focus right now is Sans. She held up the knife pointing it at Sans, this was the right time to do it. I managed to get control of my arms and hands, I turned the knife away from Sans and towards myself.

"What-What? Caitlin, what are you--" Chara asked me, and I answered "We will end this together!" I stabbed Chara and I with the knife, her black soul breaking at the impact. Chara screamed until we could hear her no more, I fell to the ground but I could still feel the six human souls within me.

I knew what I had to do. I will die in the process.

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