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-5 months later- 

-Warning not edited- 

"CHRISTIAN COLLINS GET YOU ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" i shouted ever since i'm pregnant my emotions have been everywhere. 

i then see chris coming down the stairs tiredly "Yes my beautiful wife?" he said annoyed. 

i gave him a look because he doesn't have a right to be annoyed by me, he got me pregnant he should deal with my mood. "Why are you so annoyed, at least your lucky that your not carrying a human being inside of you ass wipe." i crossed my arms 

he rolled his eyes "Okay, what do you want?" he asked 

"we have a doctors appointment, don't you want to know the gender of this baby?" he came up to me and wrapped his arms around me. 

"I already know it's going to be a girl" he said like he know everything. 

I rolled my eyes "Lets just go hurry up" i said grabbing my purse and throwing him the car keys "Lazy ass" i mumbled 

I heard from behind me "I heard that!" i gave him the finger "remind me to tell the doctor why your being all moody i mean all pregnant women are moody but you are different you emotions are everywhere" he said annoyed and  focusing on the road 

I gave him an you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me look "I'm not gonna talk" i tried to calm my self down but i had too i slapped the back of his head "Never i mean Never talk to me annoyed while im pregnant in fact i'm carrying your child" 

he rubbed the back of his head "I forgot how hard you hit. Oh no! i think i lost a lot of brain cells" he said shaking his head i didn't say anything we finally arrived at the hospital, After ten minutes of siting in the waiting room a woman came. 

"Mr and Mrs Collins Dr.Emily is waiting for you" she said with a smile. Oh yeah did i mention that we changed our doctor because he was flirting with me a lot so Chris being Chris got jealous and changed our doctor he gave an excuse by saying he didn't want another guy looking at my you know. 

we entered the room Dr.Emily gave us a smile  "Welcome back Layla, so you want to know what the Gender is am i correct?" 

"Yes" i replied she nodded then lifted my shirt and put that weird blue thing on my stomach may i add was freaking cold. I looked at the screen and saw the baby it was so tiny but you can tell that it is growing all right.

Dr.Emily looked at me and smiled "It's a Girl! Congrats!" she said happy 

Chris kissed my lips then leaned forward and whispered something i knew he would say "I told you so" i gave him a death glare then pulled him into a kiss 

-9 Months later- 

I've been 9 months pregnant and my stomach is huge. and this baby seriously wont stop kicking anyways so right now mine and chris's family is here Lea is acting really weird she looks scared and nervous so i decided i should talk to her. i went up to lea and pulled her upstairs i shut my room door and locked it. 

I gave her a confused look because her eyes were watering "Lea whats wrong?" i asked 

she then busted into tears and pulled me into a hug we walked over the bed and sat down. "I-I-I'm scared to tell you, you might be mad at me" she said crying again 

"Lea i promise i won't be mad, I mean it can't be that bad" i said confidently im scared what she is gonna tell me is bad! 

she shook her head then looked at me "Oh it's bad" i started rubbing her back and my other hand grabbed her hand "Layla i'm just scared" she said with tears streaming down her face. 

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