[Bran Stark] Puzzle Pieces {Smut Imagine}

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For this imagine Bran is not a cripple also I wanted to thank you guys for 11k that's crazy. Really thank you well I hope you enjoy :).

You roll over again on the bed, leaning of the side your arms dangling down the side of the bed behind your head. You grunt in frustration sitting up in bed and rubbing a hand through your already messy bed-hair. Something flies through your open bedroom window and smacks you in the back of your head "fuck" you hiss. Rubbing your head you glance at the floor to see the thing that hit you..a rock you roll your eyes.

Swinging your legs behind you, you swing of the bed slipping slightly and sprawling against the ground with a thud "dammit" you mutter and stand up looking out the window grinning at the sight Bran's under the tower his dire-wolf Summer sitting beside him whining. You smile and make sure your chamber door is shut. Pulling yourself up to the window seal, you slide down grazing your thigh against the tower "fuck" you groan and grip the window seal sliding yourself slowly down then you let go.

Falling until you land on your feet falling backwards on Bran "Ah shit" you laugh he shushes you "we shouldn't be out here your supposed to marry Robb remember?" Bran reminds you. You sigh "But.. I want you, you mumble shutting him up by crushing your lips against his" You always got what you wanted one way or another you got it. You stand up taking Bran's hand and leading him to the woods to stay hidden you sit down under a tree and pull him down next to you.

Leaning forward you crush your lips against his he places his hands behind the back of your head clinging to your hair. He stifles a moan as you climb on top cradling him beneath you, "are you sure you want to do this again? what if we get caught? what if I accidentally put a child in you?" Bran exclaims worried. "Shhh" you reply smiling to yourself and laying butterfly kisses along Bran's jawline "I promise we won't get caught" you reply kissing him deeply he sighs then moans lifting your gown slightly and pulling at your undergarments.

"I'll make it quick" he mumbles pulling at his own pants growling in frustration when they won't come down, you smirk at how much he wants you. Helping him get them off you position yourself so he's at your entrance before sliding down hard and rough on him both of you immediately moaning. "Fuck" he groans when you rock your hips against his, You moan again and he can't help but thrust upwards making you moan more when he hits your spot.

Soon you hear a twig snap and he jumps slightly you still moving your hips against his "no..stop" he mumbles. "What's wrong Bran?" you ask stopping and looking where he's looking but..you can't see anything "I heard something" he mumbles "it was probably just Summer" you dismiss it but..he shakes his head and pushes you off making you pout feeling unwanted. "Bran!" you whine pulling your undergarments back on "shut up" he growls back. Pulling his pants back on and looking back at the bushes you sigh "fine" you grumble and stand up.

"If you don't want me i'm going back to my chambers" you growl and start to walk but..stop when another twig snaps. "Was that you?" he asks you shake your head feeling frightened now "whoever that is come out..stop watching us" you say terrified and trying to sound confident "sorry my lady..I didn't know you were a slut" a familiar voice says gruffly and steps out revealing Jon's face. "Oh great it's the bastard" you scoff rolling your eyes. You absolutely hated Jon and he hated you so it  was just fantastic that he found out about your affair with Bran.

"How much did you see?" Bran asks his lip wobbling like he's going to cry, "enough to know Y/N's a whore" Jon replies glaring at you, you glare back "your not going to speak of this to anyone bastard!" you spit.  "Sure i'm not" he smirks, "Robb already knows"  "h-h-how?" Bran stutters "when his little whore bleeds but..doesn't bleed again all week and she always  stares and throws winks at you!" Jon replies looking straight at Bran "Oh no" Bran says starting to cry you roll your eyes and go sit next to him hugging Bran.

"Doesn't matter anyway" Jon shrugs "Robb's been fucking that nurse Talisa anyway" Jon says. you snicker "I knew he wasn't faithful or a virgin" you reply snickering, "neither are you" Jon spits. That whole argument lasts to morning until lady Catelyn finds out about you and Bran and Robb and Talisa. She makes you wed Robb anyway for the good of things and you and Robb don't hate each other but..you don't talk to him and he doesn't speak to you, you don't even share a chamber with him.

No one except the Starks know that all of Robbs so called children aren't fathered by him anyway their fathered by Bran they look a lot like him anyway a girl and boy. Robb's third child you pretended to mother even though he was Talisas. One big happy family right?. 

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