Author's Note

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So I originally wrote the blurb/summary of this before I even started watching Lucifer (a new show that I'm pretty much obsessed with) and since watching that show, I decided to make a spin-off type thing of it.

How I originally thought of it was that basically, Luke is actually Lucifer but was getting sick of Hell so he came to the "living world" to catch a break. But when writing the blurb, I think I might have had that show subconsciously on my mind because I had seen the previews of it. The only difference really will be that, in the fanfic, Luke wants to forget he was ever "The Prince of Darkness", "Satan", "The Devil", etc. so he says he's "Just Luke". Whereas, in the show, Lucifer is pretty open about how he is the ruler of Hell, is immortal, etc.

Obviously I won't be copying the show exactly, but I will be taking some aspects from it.

I hope you enjoy what's to come. (:

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