Target 5: An Infant??

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Well, back to write more about this story. First thing first. Reborn's curse is actually gone but he wanted to stay as 10 years old while Tsuna is actually a infant as well, but he used mist flames to cover himself along with Takeshi. Takeshi... is covered by Tsuna's mist flames and he bears the rain pacifier. Followed by Rohei, Gokudera, Mukuro, Chrome and Lambo, they are all infants.I decided that Tsuna and Ieyasu are twins, but different appearance. Story start!

Third pov

Takeshi and Conellono was jogging when takeshi's pacifier was glowing, just like when Clieo introduced himself. Takeshi was certain that that was Tsuna, his first true friend. "Hmm... Conellono, should we find who the fellow Arcobaleno is?" Takeshi asked. Just then, they heard a scream that sounded like Ieyasu. They saw him running from Clieo in his infant form and Reborn. "Looks fun! Should we join?" Takeshi asked, looking at Clieo. Conellono nodded and ran towards Clieo and Reborn.

Clieo's pov

We were shooting Ieyasu, missing on purpose. This was to make him run. Just then, his sky pacifier glowed. "So who is the Arcobaleno near you now Tsunayoshi?" Reborn said, saying his full name on purpose. "Conellono and Takeshi. They are heading towards us to join Ieyasu for running . Ugh! I think they thinks it is fun to run." I said. Reborn, hearing this, simply shouted a "yes!" and " time to spar with him." I sweatdroped at his action." Yo Tsuna! I finally found you! I have not thanked you for saving me from suside few years back before we became the next generation Arcobaleno!" Takeshi shouted. " It has been a while Conellono. Do you want to spar?" Reborn asked, looking at Conellono. " of course kora! Do you think I will back down from a spar kora!" Colonello said. Ieyasu was panting now. " Reborn, Conellono, you can have your spar later. But first, let's continue forcing Ieyasu to run." I said with a devil's smile on my face. " but first.." I walked towards Takeshi and pat his shoulder. We turned larger and we looked like 14 years old again. " woohoo! Tanks Tsuna! Now I can finally run by myself again!" I nodded and summoned Na-tsu while Takeshi summoned ( the sawallow)kojirou and jirou (the dog) and we excerised together.

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