Unexpected (3)

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Chapter 3

I woke up with a wide grin on my face. Yesterday was the best night of my life. Today I start my life with a mate, new status, new friends, and a new hope.

Suddenly, there's a knock on my door.

"Come in!"

"Hey Serena! Good morning!" Jane said happily

"Oh hey Jane! What's up?"

"Do you want to walk to school together?"

"Sure, thanks." Jane's face lit up in happiness as I just laughed.

"Let's go down and eat breakfast, you don't want to be late in your first day as a luna, do you?" she poked my arm.

"Oh my gosh! I forgot to make breakfast for everyone." I gushed then stormed off to the kitchen leaving Jane alone in my room.

"Hey! Serena! Wait up! I want to help." Jane ran behind me.

I arrived at the kitchen saw some of the pack members glanced at me with a glare. I saw my parents ducked their head.

"What kind of luna get up late to make breakfast for her pack?"

"Yeah! Maybe she became arrogant about the luna status and start to act like a lazy queen."

"Hey Serena, where's our breakfast!" shouted a random guy.

I feel a slim hand touch my shoulder. Jane sent me a encouraging smile. I smiled back and walked to the fridge and start prepare the breakfast.  


I entered the school with Jane beside me blabbering about the coming soon camp. We go to our lockers that surprisingly not to far from each other.

"What's your first subject?" She asked me.

"Math. What about you?" I sighed. Math is the most annoying subject among all subjects.

"English." She stated dreamily.

"It's so nice. Eyes refreshment." I laughed.

"So you like my subject or just me?" a low voice appeared. we turned around and see Mr. West smirking. 

 "Look at the time better fly." Jane , being a good best friend living me behind with a bad ass teacher.

"So what's the answer?" he asked again grinning.

"Just the subject. I'm not interested in you." I answered simply. he put his hand on his chest, pretending feel hurt.

"Ouch! No a tiny little feeling for your sexy, hot, and-"

"Gay teacher" I finished him off.

"I'm not a gay." he whined like a child.

"Yes, you're. What kind of teacher or alpha use wig, a dress and and make up? I teased him.

"Yeah, yesterday was an exception. " he shrugged.

"Whatever. You're such a gay teacher. " I rolled my eyes.

"Ms.Stronghold ! Detention after school. Insulting a teacher" Mr.West said in teacher mode. Everyone looked at me and start to whispered.

'She just become a luna and now she's trying to be bad ass and stuff. Ew..'

'I'm disgusted.'

"But-" ß

" Do you want me to make it double for denying a teacher? " He smirked.

"No-" This time I wasn't cut off by him but it was a the homeroom bell.

"Yes. you're late." he smirk.

"Whatever." I smacked his arm then off to my homeroom. He is going to pay for this.  


"Good afternoon class. Today we'll watch a movie. But it's not just watching movie, you have to make a summary about the movie and the characteristic of the characters. I will be consider this as a quiz. Understood?" Mr. West told us and we all nodded in responded.

"Good, now take a scrap paper and a pen. The movie will start."

I grabbed a paper and a pen. The movie start with the title "The Big Mike". Fortunately I've already watched this movie so I directly write the summary and the characters's characteristic. I'm done between 10 minutes, so I put my paper and pen away and sleep. Just before I close my eyes, Mr.West approached me, "Are you done Serena?".


"You seem already watched this movie.."


"Give me the paper and follow me outside."

"Is that allowed?" I handed him my paper.

"I'm a teacher remember?"he whispered.

"Guys I'll take your homework for a while. Prefect. Please keep the silence of the class." he told John, the prefect. 


"What?" he asked as we entered his office.

I pouted," I wanted to see the movie."

"You chose a movie over me? The movie is more important than me? How could you!" He pretended to be hurt.

"Yes!" I exclaimed.

"Really? rather than having this?" He leaned closer. His lips crashed with mine. before I can kiss him back, he pulled away and I pout once again.

"Hey! Not fair!"

"You said I'm not that important compare to that movie." he winked,I blushed.

"Okay okay, you're more important than the movie." I sighed as I walked to his desk. Suddenly he wrapped himself around me and sniffed my hair.

"Are you sniffing my hair?"

"Hmm.. I'm just enjoying your scent. What shampoo do you use? It smell so nice." he whispered through my hair.

"Sandalwood. Mr.-"

"Caleb" he mumbled through my hair.

"Okay, Chad. Remember you still have a class." I reminded him.

He groaned, "Sometimes I hate being a teacher." he grabbed the homework and go back to class.