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These are a bunch of Short Stories from Star Wars Universe. Ranging from The Clone Wars, Rebels, Star Wars and even up to Episode VII.

*Note: These stories are not in chronological order.

Requests are definitely welcomed! :)


The Clone Wars - Vision: Ahsoka has a vision that involves her master in danger.

Star Wars Rebels - Ahsoka's Master: The scene in Rebels season 2 episode 1, where Ashoka finds out the horrible truth about what has become of her former Master (beginning to my other FanFic 'Star Wars- The Grey Jedi').

Star Wars Rebels - Teacher: Kanan shows Ezra some training holograms from the Jedi archives, to help him with lightsaber combat. The trainer is one of the most greatest Jedi that ever lived (scene that is mentioned in 'Star Wars Rebels: Shroud of Darkness').

Star Wars: Lost Daughter - Luke leaves to his daughter on Jakku, before they both go into hiding from the new Dark Side threat (contains the Rey Skywalker theory).

The Clone Wars - Shared Vengeance and Pain: After the death of someone she cared deeply about, Ahsoka is enraged and has done something incredibly vicious - and not to mention, extremely against the Jedi Code, as well as the law of the Republic. The pain of her actions are haunting, and it doesn't take long for her Master to notice (not Anisoka, but bro-sis fluff).

The Clone Wars - Natural Bond: Anakin and Ahsoka share a naturally formed bond rather than a master/padawan training bond. Natural bonds are forbidden in the Jedi Order, since they lead to friendship attachment, and Anakin is definitely not oblivious towards that dangers of forming attachments.

The Clone Wars - Forget The Haunting Past: Even the most greatest of Jedi Masters can feel grief when a loved-one is lost. (Set after 'The Lawless'. Requested by @bug242).

Star Wars - Till Death Do Us Part: Han's Death sent a painful ripple through the Force (Han's death from Leia's POV).

The Clone Wars - Ahsoka Gone {Part 1}: Ahsoka didn't get framed for the bombing, though something much worse happened. This is the aftermath of Ahsoka Tano's death.

Star Wars - Ben Was Weak: Rey was the little girl he couldn't kill... He wouldn't make that mistake again... (Speculation fic, before TFA).

The Clone Wars - Ahsoka Gone {Part 2}:  A glimpse of what the world is like without her.

Star Wars - Water: Rain is such and an amazing thing to someone who never got to see it. (Set After TPM)

The Clone Wars - Endless Battles: Blinded by the never-ending Clone War, often oneself doesn't realise the affects it has on your mind and sanity, until it's almost too late. Since his Padawan left, Anakin has been plagued by nightmares of Ahsoka... There so vivid and strong, he's too afraid to sleep.

The Clone Wars - Dying By Your Side: Eyes filled with tears, she mirrored her master's, the blood was everywhere, a true agonisingly deadly disaster (a poem about Ahsoka lying beside a seriously injured Anakin).

The Clone Wars - When I Loved You: Anakin and Ahsoka... and what could have been. So many different realities, so many different times, so many different endings. (A few short dabbles. Not Anisoka)

Star Wars - Lightsaber: A Jedi's weapon is their life, but Rey's lightsaber is her survival (Post TFA. Rey builds her first lightsaber. Speculation Fic).

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