Chapter 15: Is He? No! He Can't.......Right?

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Helen's (POV)

A week has been added to the extra year and a half. My rose is still sleeping. I can't wait for these damn three years to pass. I need her love. I need her voice. I need her hugs. But I really need her. I miss her so much. All of the Creepypastas do. While I was with Y/n again, someone knocked on the always closed doors

"Painter, I need to give Y/n her medicine again" I heard Slender say

As usual, I nod my head and and get out, leaving my mask behind. More info: I haven't worn that mask ever since
Y/n went in her coma. Call me crazy. Call me sad. I just really miss her so much. As I waited out the lab door, I began going downstairs. I notice Sally and LJ drawing pictures that look a lot like the Creepypasta Queen version of Y/n, Ben and Jeff are playing games, Ej is in his corner sleeping, the proxies are making some origami, and Jane was just listening to music. Once they all saw me, they stopped what they were doing. I sigh before waving them goodbye and head out the door to the lake.

Time skip - the lake

I sat on the little bench and sighed. The sun was setting and it was a beautiful sight. I wish Rose was to see this. I just wish it. I began thinking back over our shared memories. Probably being our last memories. I thought back on all the:

"I love you"

Or the

"Let's go on a date"

Or the

"Even a second away from you is torture for me"

Oh how that last one is true. Her not being awake tears my cells. One. By. One. Until I'm gone

"Sure is a pretty sight..right?" A familiar voice said behind me

"It sure is Claire. I wish Rose could see this"

"Rose?" She chuckled with confusion in her voice

"It my girlfriend's nickname" I explain

"Oh I see. Hey do you wanna go for coffee? Maybe something hot and relaxing might help with pain" Claire giggled and looked at the view

I just shrug and answer with a simple "sure". She giggled and began walking towards the café in town with me following her. Who knows. Maybe she CAN help
Claire's (POV)

PERFECT!!!! He is falling for my plan. This will teach Y/n a lesson. I poisoned Y/n's plate last time she came to dinner which was like a year and a half ago? Can't remember. Well...this will to teach her to mess with me. And now since Abigale and Jasmine are helping me, things will be ten times better. I just need One. More. Week. Phase two: Complete. Now for phase 3: Doing the unexpected.....
Your (POV)

A whole week passed. A whole week and I'm still in my stupid COMA!! I have been visited by the stranger every while. Every time I ask for his name, he would not reply. Weird. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I was sitting on my bed, facing the wall when two strong hands pulled me into a hug

"Hey Helen" I mumble trying to find a way out of this dreamland

"Hey sweetie" He whispered in my ear

He began kissing my neck. Hard. I squirmed in his grip and tried to get out. He only gripped tighter

"Helen you're hurting me" I say still struggling

He loosened his grip but turned me around to face him. Hey had a smirk on Hus face and it was creeping me out! I gave Helen a confused look and he chuckled

"Y/n, let's play a game" he cooed in my ear

"What kind?" I blurted out. It really isn't the time though

"You'll see" He sang

He suddenly leaned me down on the bed. He began kissing me over and over. I try pushing him back knowing what kind of game he wanted to play. But no. Problem is that he gripped me tighter. He put his hand at the bottom my shirt slightly pulling it up. That's it!! My blood boiled and I was pissed!

"Let. Me. Go. Helen" I threaten with a calm tone

He stops kissing me and looks at me before shrugging. He went back closer, ready to kiss me, but I punched him in the face. He leaned off slightly, holding his now bleeding nose, giving me time to shove him off. He fell with a thump making me snicker. Going under the bed, I grabbed the knife and smiled widely. Suddenly, that smile quickly went off my face when I realized I was being pulled from under the bed. I turned around to face who's dragging me. It is no surprise it's going to be Helen. Just as the ceiling light shown across my face. I scream and throw the knife nearly touching his face when.....

I wake up.

I woke up screaming. I felt water prickle down my forehead. Sweat. I looked at the time to see it is currently 5:40 in the morning. I sigh as I go back to sleep. Strangely, Helen wasn't there but I was too tired to think about it now.

"I need my sleep" I thought as my eyelids heavily closing for another day in dreamland....
Sorry for the short chapters. Since the reader went into the coma, my ideas have been running out due to the fact they need to be short for a long ending. I hope ya understand. Peace out!

Tamara M.

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