Chapter 4

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Lauren's POV
I started to read my book, but my mind started to drift off. I started to think about my mom and sister. I had my eyes open but I wasn't paying attention to my book. I remembered my mother's screams. I closed my book slowly getting up from the living room. We've been living here for about a week now. The boys blocked off the opened areas, Ariana, and Dinah got some furniture. We can only go out at daytime for protection.

I can't sleep in my old room, I can't bring myself to step foot in there. I sleep on the couch- sometimes but I mostly spend my time in the attic.

I walked to Chris's room, it's almost midnight. I took a peck, he was reading the letter dad left us.

I was going to go back, but he knew I was there. "You can come in." I walked in seeing Chris wipe his tears.
I sat down on his new bed. "What are you doing?" I saw him look at me, he handed me the letter.

"Turn it around." I looked at him and did what he said. "There's more." Why didn't I notice that before?

I think they're the family that killed Rachel. It's too late for me Lauren, you need to. You remember my best friend, Ethan. He lives in the East part of town it might take you a few days but find him and he can make people come back alive, get something of Rachel's and bring it to him, it's too late for me but I want you to know Lauren that I love you and I'm sorry we never had the father daughter relationship thing.

Chris, my big boy. I'm sorry I made you grow up so fast, I turned you into a vampire when you were 15, you can't even drink at that age. Or drive, look anyways I'm sorry I did that. I know you didn't want to become one. I love you, both.


I looked up at Chris, "We need to find Ethan."

I walked to the hallway, "Everyone get out here." I shouted, everyone got in the living room with me. "We need to go east. My father said in the letter if we go and met Ethan, his best friend. Ethan can turn people alive. We just need something of theirs. Brad you have Kendall's locket." I told them, they all smiled even Brad. He hasn't really talked much once she died.

"What about Rachel?" Ally asked. I frowned, "When she died... I became an emotional wreck. I burned this house, and threw everything that belonged to her." I said looking around the house.

Everyone was in silence, "But I want to help Brad, so have to travel East." I told them. Brad walked up to me and hugged me. "Thank you so much." I hugged him back.

"But we can't go out at night." Ariana spoke up. I looked at the bored up window. "It's been a week and nothing has happened, I could spray some perfume so no one can smell us. They wont know we're vampires." I told them. They all looked at each other.

"It's for Kendall, I'm in." Harry said, then Louis, Brad, Dinah and all of us said.

I sprayed them with my perfume and Brad got Kendall's locket and we went in Normani's and my cars. I had the vampires and Normani had the werewolves. "Okay I don't know where exactly he lives but we're just gonna wing it." I told them.

I started to wonder about Camila, I didn't mean to hurt it. All week she was blocking her mind, thinking about bananas. And whenever I wanted to talk to her she would either ignore me or she would tell me she was going to sleep, which she wasn't.

We don't go to school anymore either. Usually Normani, Ally, Jesse, Austin, Chris and I switch schools, with the werewolves. Since we stay at the same age forever we can't stay in the same school for like ten years and never age. So we either drop out, or switch schools.

I drove East seeing nothing.

Camila, are you awake?

I could feel she was up. She didn't say anything. She was blocking me from reading her thoughts, I don't know how she does it but I can't read them.

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