A Surprise Visit. Part 34

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Annie's POV...

"I think we should surprise them all. The men too, of course." Elaine said as she bit into a sandwich that she lifted from the platter that was in front of us on the table.

"But we must keep the news from Sues." Joy was saying about their little sister. "We all know that she has loose lips."

"Really." I asked sarcastically of my older sister, Joy. "I hadn't noticed that."

Joy just reached over and slapped my arm with a grin thrown at me,  letting me know that I should forget about her and Sues knowing about Jarrod's existence.

"I like the idea of a surprise bomb going off." Joy said with a smile.

"Yeah, I agree. Let's bomb them all too." Nell was saying as she drank from her glass of juice. A moment later, she belched so loud, we could do nothing but laugh at her. She just grinned back at us.

We had all came back to our place where to have some afternoon tea where we could plan how to tell our family, and our men, that there will be eleven babies born in a few months. Thinking of it, we are still trying to get our heads around the twins let alone Joy's quads.

"I feel stuffed." Joy was saying as she sat back after eating a few sandwiches as well as a couple of glasses of juice.

"Honey, you literally are stuffed." Bab went on to say as she scoffed down the last sandwich.

"Yeah, you are. With a litter." Nell said with a smirk on her face.

Then she laughed which caused us to laugh with her too. Even Joy laughed. How could she not. I think all of us will go mad thinking of all these babies running around Mum and Dad's house. Especially all at the same time.

"All right then. How are we going to do this?" I asked the girls.

"It has to be something spectacular." Nell was saying after she settled her laughter down.

"I think YouTube might have some ideas we can look at." Bab said as she pulled out her phone from her pocket to "check it and see what's suitable."

"Yeah, but it has to be suitable. Mum will want us to be ladies at all times, don't you know?" I mentioned knowing that the girls will just snort at that.

"Yeah, right."  Nell said with a snort.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. " Elaine said with a laugh.
"Well then, we have to be careful whatever we plan." Joy then said. "But I have an idea that might work."

"It involves giving the boys a few little presents, one's that will notify Mum and Dad of the newest additions." Joy was saying as she was thinking. She had that kind of look on her face that told you she was doing it, and whatever it was, I know it will be awesome.

"I was thinking of a dip game. We put all the baby sexes on some cut out butterflies that have little pouches and slide in each pouch the sex of one baby and who is it's mother." Joy was saying as she was still thinking.

"Then we have some cut out of us, life size of course. And they have to pin their butterfly to our picture's baby bump." Joy added as she was still thinking. "In fact, I think everyone can play the game to make it more fun."

"Pink butterfly's for girls and blue butterfly's for boys. I like it." I said with a smile to Joy.

"But how are the men getting presents fitting in with it?" Nell asked Joy looking a little confused.

"We can give them a present for each one who has their own baby butterfly." I said which had everyone smiling.

"Yeah, that sounds good too." Bab said as she stood up to take the platter and a few of them empty glasses over to the sink to rinse. Elaine got up to help her.

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