A Family Surprises. Part 33

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Annie's POV..

It's been a few months since we have met Jarrod. He's beginning to fit in well into the family now. At first he was so nervous, all we could do was laugh at him a lot until he settled in. It didn't take long at all, just a few weeks. I think he was actually finding it a little difficult having four  younger sisters to tease him.

Us girls are really showing our pregnancies now. To be honest, some of us have been a little worried about that since we seem to be a bit bigger than normal. So a trip to the doctors is due and we'll be chatting with them about it.

No, we all don't have the same doctor. We might use the same medical practice, but we all have different doctors to care for our needs. Can you imagine if all of us went into labor all at once with only one doctor to see to our needs.

I don't think so.

Anyway, we all managed to get appointments around the same time, then we were going to meet up for a cuppa at the local café on the way home just about lunch time and chat about our visits.

I was the first to arrived, still stunned at what the doctor showed me. If I could have a strong coffee, I would. But I had to settle for just a cup of tea. So getting a table outside to wait for the others, I thought about what the doctor said and the challenges I might have to face with this pregnancy.

He even mentioned that the likelihood of having a caesarean section are very strong now. That thought was making me nervous, but I have to think about what's best for the baby and not myself.

It wasn't long before a white faced Joy pulled up and hopped out of her car and made her way over.

"I'll just get myself a cuppa and be right back, Okay." She said quietly to me with a small smile. That was not normal for her. She usually picks my brains first when something comes up with me. But not this time.

I don't know why, but I think something's up with Joy too.  I'll wait for her to get back out here before saying anything. Then I thought of how to tell Mum and Dad.

Thinking of them, I thought having them over for dinner and then breaking the news to them would be the best. I'll speak to the others when they all get here and see what they think too.

It was only a moment before Joy was back out here and pulling a chair out and sitting down beside me. Hearing a car beep, we both glanced over to see both Nell and Elaine pulling up to join us. Looking at Nell, she sort of looked sick too. Looking back at Joy, she still didn't look any better.

"Well now! It's nice to catch up with you ladies without having anyone breath down our necks like it has been happening lately." Bab said from behind me causing me to twist a little and see her walking up from behind us, more like waddling up, and grabbing a chair to put at the table and join us.

She looked like she swallowed something sour.

"How did you know we would be here at this time?" I asked her as I sipped from my tea, watching her get herself comfortable on the chair before looking up at us.

"I eavesdropped when I heard you girls make your appointments, so decided to join you." Bab was explaining with a smile.

"Where are the kids?" I asked her looking around for them.

"With their father of course. Where's yours?" She asked me knowing full well where they are likely to be.

"You know they are with Mum and Dad. Probably getting spoilt." I said to her as Nell and Elaine came out with their cuppa's and joined us.

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