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Two Days Later
          The woman was once again lead into the court room, though this time she was more decently dressed, and her arm was looped through that of Erwin Smith's.  Over the few weeks she'd been held captive, plus between her first hearing and now this one, she'd grown fond of the large blond man, rarely leaving his side. 
This time, as she walked into the court room, the crowd could see her eyes, and her hair was clean, brushed and straightened. 
She held her free hand to her chest in a balled fist, her surprisingly gorgeous (e/c) eyes scanning over the crowd and room itself.  The judge had stated she must wear a dress to the hearing, though it must be backless, and she would not be secured to the pole as long as Erwin was next to her. 
Erwin stood at the front with the girl as she looked around curiously, the judge soon sitting at the front. 
"Welcome back Madame."  
The (h/c)-haired girl looked at the judge and waved shyly before hiding in Erwin's shoulder.  The judge smiled at her shyness and leaned forward slightly in his seat. 
"Do you remember your name?" He asked softly, to which Erwin repeated the question.  The girl mumbled back to him a response, to which Erwin smiled and looked at the judge.
"She says her name is (Y/n), your honour."
The judge nodded. 
"Do you know where you're from (Y/n)?  Who your family is?" The powder-wigged man asked softly, to which (Y/n) shook her head. 
"Well, all with due time." The judge said softly. 
"Now (Y/n), I'm going to need you to show me, and my friends here, those marks on your back, are you okay with that?"
Erwin slowly relayed the man of power's words to (Y/n) as the woman slowly nodded.  She turned around slowly, and Erwin gently helped the dress off her shoulders. 
As soon as the dress slipped down her back slightly, almost everyone in the room gasped, save for the familiar short man next to Hanji. 
On (Y/n)'s back was a large tattoo of a map, covering from the back of her neck all the way to the curve of her rear.  It showed in detail a map for expeditions that had been abandoned for safety reasons, a dot showing where they were, Wall Sina, at the small of her back, and black lines leading from the dot up to the top of her left shoulder, where a red 'X' was marked. 
"(Y/n), were these tattooed onto you?" Erwin asked her softly, to which she nodded. 
"By Grisha, correct?"
(Y/n) nodded again. 
"We should call in Jaeger's son, he should be able to identify his father's own writing, correct?"
A stoic but firm voice sounded throughout the area, eyes all going to the short man next to Hanji.
"Stop trying to show him off Corporal, we already know you've won." One of the men opposite the room growled. 
"Tch, if you really think I want to call him in for pride reasons, you're a lot more stupid than you look."
Before a fight could form, the judge called for order. 
"Corporal Levi is right, we'll have Eren Jaeger called in to check the marks and writing, only then will I make my verdict." The judge said firmly as everyone nodded. 
Erwin helped (Y/n) with her dress once more as she linked their arms again.
  "Everyone, dismissed."

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