Meeting Jarrod Part 32

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Elaine's POV..

It's been a little hectic at home here at the moment. Jimmy will be preparing for senior year this year. It didn't matter that he has already graduated high school since he is as smart as his big sister Jenelle. She was smart too, but I really think that Jimmy was the smarter of the two.

Mack sometimes has been staying with us on and off when he can. To put himself through college, he had to take a part time job, not just for the college fees, but to also help pay for the upkeep of his daughter, Jilly. It didn't escape my notice that some of those jobs were spent leaving less time for his daughter.

We told him that he didn't need to go to too much trouble supporting Jilly because we told him that we can manage and that he should just concentrate on getting the education he needed and then when he had a job, he could then start paying. He fought us at first, but after he had a private chat with Graeme, he allowed us to have our way.

Funny thing too, neither one of them ever told me what their conversation was about. Closed mouth about it, those two were.

It was also nice to see them getting on as they were now considering that Graeme wanted to deck the lad when all this happened with Jenelle and Rachel's final showdown.. not that it got to that since our girl got hurt by her uncle and betrayed by Rachel and Mack.

I guess that time does heal some wounds, even if they are like big ripped gashes. But as with all wounds, there are scars, and these one's will never go away and vanish.

Hearing a noise behind me, I turned to see Mack coming in the door with his daughter draped over his shoulders giggling at the jostling that her daddy was doing as he bounced about as he was doing, when amusing his little girl.  It was not something that happened very often nowadays.

"Ready for some morning tea?" I asked them both causing young Jilly to bounce up and squeal when she knows there is food coming. She makes me smile when she does that. It reminded me so much of Jen when she was that age. Especially as she was patting her daddy's shoulders and talking to him as she was presently doing.

"Daddy down. Daddy down." She was telling her father. Then she did something that has become a habit with her. A habit we have no idea where it came from.

"POPPA." She screamed. "POPPAAAA." She screamed even louder for her Poppa to come to the kitchen. That was what she called Graeme.

"All right! I'm coming." Graeme's voice could be heard coming from the other end of the house. " Stop your hollering young lady. Little girls don't screech like that" He yelled back causing Jilly to giggle as she normally does.

Both Mack and I just looked at each other smiling and remembered when Jenny would do exactly the same thing on occasion when she wanted her father for something.

"I'm here." Graeme said as he walked in the door. 

"What's up?" He asked looking around as he walked over and gave me a quick kiss and a hug.

"Cuppa tea, cuppa tea.." Little Jilly chanted away at the room as she tried to climb up and onto one of the chairs. But her father helped her by lifting her and sitting her in her special chair then dragged it over to the table all the while Jilly clapping her hands in excitement.

We all have to agree that Jilly does like her food. I'm just amazed at how much she eats, but doesn't stash it away anywhere, like some kids do and gain a little more weight because of it. But not this little one and not our girl either, I was thinking as I heard Jimmy coming in the door.

"Hey? Guess what I just heard?" Jimmy asked as he sat down at the table waiting for the morning tea to be put on to the table in front of him. Typical boy that he is.

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