Chapter 11: Heart & Soul

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The picture is the cover of the next story I'm writing (Drew it myself). So the results are in, the story will be *drum roll* Long! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted. Now enjoy the story!

We made it to the 'judgement hall', as Sans calls it. We walked past a couple of pilers to get to the thrown room, the place was filled with buttercups. The sunlight poked through some of the holes in the ceiling, the sight of the light fills me with.. Hope.

I walked over the flowers, feeling sorry for stepping on them. Since Asgore wasn't in this part of the room, I assumed he was in the other room connect to this one by the doorway. I looked back towards my friends with a small smile, I held my hand out to them and they all took it.

"We do this together, for we are never alone." I whispered to them, they nodded agreeing with me. I let go of their hands, and walked through the doorway. I walked down the hallway keeping my breath calm, I would have to face Chara posing as my sister. I don't think I could hurt her, she could still-- no, I know she is still in there. In her heart and Soul, no matter what I do. I will get my sister back. As I made it to the end of the hall, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

I closed my eyes as I walked into the room, I opened my eyes to see the barrier keeping the monsters down here. Chara wasn't here anymore, but a pile of dust laid on the floor with a crown lying next to it. I had known it was Asgore's dust because he was king of he monsters, I heard a gasp come from Undyne.

"As-Asgore? Oh no were to late.. Caitlin! You got to bring him back to life." Undyne managed to say clearing out her stutter, I nodded walking towards his dust/ash. I put my hand into his crown, I focused on being him back. I was once again floating in the abyss, I saw a flash of blue and orange dots in the abyss. Suddenly a goat man came flying towards me, I nearly dodged it with a cut across my arm.

"Human! You have made me fail at freeing my people! Your consequence for your actions will be Death!" He hissed at me, anger very evident in his voice. He tried to attack me again, and for some reason I knew I couldn't talk it out with him. He paused for a second as if he was waiting for me to attack, as he did this I broke my soul into three more parts. The first necklace was Purple, the second was Sky blue and the last one was yellow. I quickly took the purple necklace around his neck, the abyss started to shake. (I didn't know it was possible.)

Asgore and I were lunched out of the abyss, and back into the underground. I tumble on to the floor, and rolled to the feet of.. Toriel?! I looked up to her my eyes tearing as I saw her face, she too had tears in her eyes. She picked me off the ground pulling me into an embrace, I sobbing into her shoulder feeling all of the events of before and after leaving her crash down on me. She Comforted me by patting my back, I finially was able to stop myself from crying. I put the sky blue necklace around her neck, she look at me as she put me down. She turned to Asgore.

"You will not harm this child, Dreemur." She hissed at him, I looked at her. I didn't need protecting, but it felt nice to feel safe with another. Just as Asgore was about to say something back, a yellow lizard wearing a lab coat came running into the room.

"Undyne! Undyne your alive! I-I saw you die!" Her voice was soft, but it echoed through out the room. Undyne looked at her, and I looked down at the yellow necklace my soul had made. So that must be for her, I walked over to her just as she opened her mouth. I put the necklace around her back, and she seemed to blush. I wasn't sure what the necklaces were for, but I knew it was important somehow.

"HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA. Caitlin, you fool, you brought them back for what? Their monsters." A voice behind me asked, I turned around to see her. It was Chara but it looked like Frisk, she knew I couldn't hurt her if she was in my sisters body.

"They deserve to live. They have friends, family who loved them. You're just jealous of that." I growled back at her, I'm not sure where I got the courage to say that. I knew what I had to do to rid Frisk of Chara. To get her red necklace around her neck. And that sure was going to be a challenge, There was a knife standing between her and I. My statement made her furious, she longed at me, which was her mistake just like Asgore's.

I quickly grabbed her arm, and hand taking the knife from her. I threw to the ground, and hurriedly grabbed the necklace from my pocket. I linked it around her neck, and Chara started to scream. Her black soul left Frisks red one, darted towards Papyrus, and stopped realizing he had a necklace just like Frisk. She looked around and saw everyone with necklaces. She turned to me, a grin frowning on her face.

"Oh Caitlin, you protected them. But you forgot one. You." As she said this, my eyes widened. I knew I couldn't be able to protect myself, my soul was to broken and I didn't have a necklace. I heard a gasp come from Frisk who was on the ground exhausted, I looked at all my friends as I felt something sharp come right through me. Almost like an arrow, I fell to the ground onto my knees. I couldn't feel anything, I felt numb..

I lost control.

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