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✊🔥Sabrina's POV✊🔥

"Bitch." That got her attention.

"May I ask who you're staring at?" She asked, looking over Blake's shoulder.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out. A rat, or a gorilla?" I said smirking.

I hear a few "Roasted's" and "She fucked yo neck up!"

"You know what I'm looking at?" But before I can answer, she says:

"Nothing pretty," now it's her turn to smirk.

"I may not be 'pretty' or 'gorgeous' " I start, "But I'm way better and smarter than you, in every single way, " I say, pointing out the obvious.

"Pa-lease," she raises her hand, flicking me off. "My life is way better than yours."

"Way to state the obvious," I say sarcastically. "I still wouldn't trade my life for yours. I happen to own-" but the bitch has the audacity to cut me off.

First, that's rude.

"Stop. I do want to know want you own. So tell me...not" she adds flipping her hair.

And then she starts laughing. Then her fake friends join in.

A. Freaking. Perfect. Blond. Laugh. That's it.

I am not the weird freak in the zoo that, everyone in the zoo pays to see.

Tears are treating to spill out of my eyes, but I don't let them.

I am strong.

No one will put me down.

"You know what I have, you miserable and despical bitch?" She and her friends had a shock look on their faces. As she did with me, I don't wait for her to answer.

"I have a store, antique vases, and better grades. Everything that I worked for. I may not be the richest in money, but I am the richest at heart. The Moon Goddess has a plan for me above, unlike you. One day, your money is going to run out, and you will accomplish nothing in life. You and your smart-ass mouth-"

Then she does the worst thing that, I hate.

She cuts me off, again. "Actually," she starts.

"I am not done!" I yell, pointing at her.

Now, she shut right up, and stayed quite, until I was done my speech.

"Anyway-" I continue, clearing my throat. "Someone is going to come along in your life and manipulate you, like how you do to others. At school and home you might be treated like a princess, but in my store your a attention seeking huzzie. Now get out of my store and face before I make you. Then you'd be really reunited with your biological father in Hell."

I say the last sentence with a clenched fist and gritted teeth.

Shell-shocked, that she just got roasted, fried, and played at her own game for two, she stood there motionless.

"Leave," I say still with gritted teeth, but I unclenched my fists when I pointed at the door.

"Alora," one of her male friends say, tugging at her sleeve, but she still wouldn't budge.

So that's it's name, I think inwardly and privately to myself.

"Leave," I say once again, in case she went deaf.

"Alora!" He yells again, this time, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Maybe he's her brother. Actually, why should I care?

Blake is leaning against the wall, looking utterly confused.

His eyes keeps darting between me and Bitchora.

He had his chance with me. Drunk or not.

And his eyes were furrowed in a really sexy, way.

Stop getting distracted!

"Just give up, Alora," I say mockingly.

Finally, she let's out a huge dramatic sigh, and brushes past him, but not before giving me the meanest glare she could muster.

Then, she stops and turns back around.

"Betcha that this will cost ya," she said.

I was confused at first, then, she took up one of my mother's antic crystal vases off the table.

If looks could kill, she would be long dead by now.

I gave her a look that said I dare you.

And she did it anyway.

She needs that ass whooping I was talking about earlier,

Was the last thing I said- I meant thought before the warm, tingling feeling came again.


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