Chapter Nine: Percy

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  The blade of the dagger was cool against my neck. Piper had me basically pinned down, and Jason wasn't doing any better with Annabeth. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dark figure seemingly made of shadows. I knew instantly who it was.

Nico diAngelo.

The figure slowly put a finger to his lips when he realized I had spotted him. I smiled, making sure I hid it from the eyes of the two girls. Nico slowly walked up behind Piper and whipped her dagger out of her hand.

"Gah! What the heck?!" She screamed, turning around and letting me free. I instantly grabbed Riptide out of my pajama pocket and uncapped it.

"Give it back!" Piper said, failing to use her charmspeak. Annabeth looked dazed, but soon jumped in on the action. She slashed at Nico while he had his guard down, successfully leaving a bloody cut down his left shoulder; it only barely stopped before hitting his heart. Nico let out a sharp cry and I charged at Piper, leaving Jason to deal with Annabeth.

"Give it up Piper. There's no - use in - being - jealous." I said between grunts. She was putting up a strong defense.

"Just shut up and die already!" She yelled. Then, in the blink of an eye, she executed a very familiar maneuver; she grabbed the hilt of my sword and turned the tip towards me. I laughed, thinking about the first time Annabeth had done this to me.

"So, you've learned to fight finally?" I said, smirking.

"AGHHHHHHH" A sharp cry pierced the air. Piper and I dropped the fight and looked over. Nico had just taken out Annabeth, but not before she got one last hit on her. There was a deep cut just below Nico's chin. Nico started to sputter and cough, blood was spilling out of his mouth. I was in complete shock. My eyes found their way to Annabeth's limp, bloody body. She was dead too.

"N-Nico..." Jason whispered. We were all frozen with terror. All except Piper.

"You... You killed her..." She whispered. It was easy to tell that her mind was no longer in one piece. Slowly, she walked over to the choking Nico, and wrapped her hands around his bloody neck. With great force, she snapped it. A sickening crunch followed and Nico's body fell to the ground. 

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