Chapter Eighteen

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Cameron's POV
I yanked my body up when my phone loudly blared in my ear. The last time I checked I was asleep on the hospital floor with Cara, but now I'm in a bed?
Ugh this happens every time, why can't the police just find her so I don't have the same dream for another month? It hurts when you notice that someone you would give your life up for might be...dead. I slowly got up and grabbed my phone. The caller ID said Matthew but I ignored it.
I've been sitting in my room with the curtains closed for the past two months since she went missing. Everyone has tried talking to me, even Rachel, but I won't eat more than I need to stay alive. Cara could be out there starving and I just can't. I usually get phone calls from mom and Sierra but they suddenly stopped last week.
They probably are so done with me because I've changed now. Nothing could make me happy, or sad, or even care; I guess I'm a morbid person. My phone rung and I saw it was the police station. Instead of ignoring it, I decided to answer because I still had a little hope in me.
Cara's POV
I woke up and felt the cold hard floor under me. Of course, like usual, the room was pitch black because there weren't windows. By now I was used to the having the dream where Cameron finds me. I've lost track of time by now but it feels like months.
My clothes are now teared, frayed, and really loose on me because I'm more skinny. I guess that's the outcome of living off of two crackers a week.
I sat up and played with the bracelet on my wrist as I thought of the faces of people who i was once loved by. Cameron's face slowly fades out of my memory everyday and he probably have up on me by now. Aunt Sierra and Brent could both be dead at the moment and I'm missing the funerals.
Ariana opened the door with the two crackers and I tried to stand up but my legs gave out and I fell. She laughed before dropping them and stomping on it. I curled up in a ball and cried really hard. I've been holding in ever since the day they took me. My body violently shook and my vision started to blur. Blackness was overtaking my eyes as the door busted open. The last thing I remember was faint shouting before my shaking suddenly stopped.
When my eyes opened, I saw myself laying there, then saw myself watching me lay there. I've never been so confused in my life.
The person who looked like me whispered, "You can make it.., stay strong", which tears streaming before everything was white.
Sirens were loudly blaring and my eyes fluttered open. I couldn't breath and saw that there was medical stuff around me on walls. The light was so bright and it took a while for my eyes to adjust. What was I doing in the back of an ambulance? This must be another one of those dreams.
I felt tears on my arm and noticed they weren't mine. Someone was holding my hand and I turned my head to see Cameron. My heart stopped when he looked at me. He had circles under his eyes and his skin was really pail. We both started to cry harder and he grabbed my other hand.
"I-is this a-a-a d-dream?" I struggled to say while crying so hard. He shook his head and I started to cry harder if that's even possible.
"W-what's ha-ha-happening?" I asked him while he wiped my tears.
"A fan found where you were and we found you in the middle of a panic attack", he said while calming down.
The ambulance stopped and they tried to pull Cameron away from me. Eventually, they did and the doors closed behind me.
I slowly started to drift off again and their voices got further.
Cameron's POV
We found her. We found her. It didn't fully kick in until she woke up. I looked up and saw those beautiful greenish brown eyes of the one I cared for so dearly.
She was so frail and devastated when they pulled me away. Everyone was now in the hospital waiting room and we were waiting. They were just stabilizing her because she didn't take her medicine in two months. I blocked out everyone as the doctor announced that I can stay in her room.
Cara POV
I opened my eyes and for once, I saw Cameron and it wasn't a dream. I wasn't dreaming that. He was slumped on a chair sleeping and I smiled to myself when I noticed how lucky I was.
I walked up to him slowly because I'm just getting my energy back. I sat on his lap and he opened his eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and I hugged him back.
"Could I meet the person who found me?" I asked quietly after a while. I felt his body freeze and turned to face him.
"S-she didn't make it", he said in a hushed tone and looked away with glassy eyes. I covered my mouth and hugged him because I knew how much he cherished all his fans.
"Is aunt Sierra and Brent okay?" I asked after a while.
He looked down and nodded his head.
"We found out your 'parents' broke into their house and did that while looking for you. We can go see Sierra and Brent if you want?" He asked.
I nodded my head before the door opened.My face lit up when aunt Sierra walked in with Brent on a wheelchair. We all hugged and Sierra talked with Cameron.
There was something about him that seemed off but I'll figure it out later. Right now I need to call Jack.
Andrea walked in and my mouth dropped. She started to tear up and bent down with open arms which I willingly jumped into.
By now everyone was cry laughing and I went to the bathroom to change. While I was changing, I heard the door open and I guess everyone left.
I walked out of the room and saw someone leaning against the wall with their head facing down in front of me. It took me a while to realize who it was but when I did, my heart did a thousand flips.
I slowly walked up to them and their head snapped up. Jack moved his hand over his mouth before quietly crying. I hugged him really tight and he lifted me off the floor. Seeing him in tears made me cry softly and he carried me to a chair.
He sat down while hugging me still and held me tighter. This has to be a dream. I pinched myself to make sure and nothing happened. Deep down I still feared being taken again. Cameron came in and we all walked to the car.
While we were driving I blurted out,"I want to change my name". Jack was holding my hand and Cameron had his arm around me. It's funny because if it was anyone else, Cameron probably wouldn't get along with them. They both turned to me with a worried expression and I regretted saying that.
"So they can't track me or anything", I continued still staring ahead.
They were both staring at me and kept opening their mouths then closing it. After a while I just stared at my hands and Jack spoke up.
"What do you want to change it to?" He asked me hesitantly and both of them weren't even blinking.

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