XXXV epilogue

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"I remember."

Just two words but they mean so much. More than anyone could ever imagine. And finally, those tears falling down my face, were not cause by pain, regret and constantly thinking "what if". They were tears of happiness which I couldn't hold in and I didn't even want to.

Memories were coming back. Not all at one but slowly, one by one. I took you to all of the places we marked as ours.

That park where we first met, your favourite noodle place where we had our first date, the old tree you showed me on out second date. It was a place where you used to play as a kid. Place very special for you.
And all of that helped you remember. Every time we visited somewhere "new" for you, your eyes lit up and repeated the same two words over and over again. I remember. Believe me, those two words mean as much as simple I love you. Because I thought what we had was gone with your memory but it was all back now and made me incredibly happy. I wasn't a stranger in your eyes anymore. You looked at me the way you did before and I couldn't wish for anything else.

I was ready to give you up, to let you live your life without me in it. Because that would be the best decision, right? It would only break me more to see your confused expression everytime we met. I was losing hope. And I would give you up if it meant you'd be happy. Even though I couldn't imagine my world without you.

But now, I don't have to do it anymore. I don't have to imagine my world without you because you are mine and your memories are coming back and no matter how long it is gonna take for them to return completely, I'm gonna wait patiently because you're worth it.

Ok, so this story got 30k reads and I'm here like HOLY SHIT. Thank you so much for reading this 5 minutes long story and voting or commenting. 30k might not be a lot but it's a lot for me and I'm seriously so fkn happy. Here's a "special" epilogue kinda chapter !

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