Chapter 17- Black Leather Jacket

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Chapter 17- Black Leather Jacket

We run out of the alley and turn right, I am about to keep running when Dylan grabs me by the waist and presses into a wall that's by a corner so it is almost out of sight.

He presses his body against mine as close as possible and wraps his arms around my waist. I can feel his breath on me. He smells like vanilla and axe. I hear the guys footsteps coming closer and I hold my breath. Dylan is wearing a black leather jacket so hopefully we just seem like part of a shadow.

The guy turns left and runs down the street but we stay motionless for a moment longer before Dylan pulls away from me and I suck in a much needed breath of air.

I'm not dead! *internal dance party*

I look up at Dylan and his eyes are searching my face, he leans closer and puts his hand under my chin making me look up directly into his eyes. "Are you okay?" He asks.

I nod lightly and look down at my hands that are clasped together. He lifts my chin again to look up at him, "Hey, its okay, I'm here now. I won't let anyone hurt you." I don't know why but he actually makes me feel safe. He saved my life.

I wrap my arms around Dylan's neck and lean my head on his shoulder. At first he freezes but then he wraps his arms around my waist, hugging me back. "Thank you." I whisper.

"No problem nerd." He whispers into my ear, making me shiver.

"Where the heck did you get those disses from?" I ask.

Dylan flips his fake long hair and giggles, "On Tumblr, duh." I burst out into a fit of laughter. Oh my god.

Dylan walks me home and I stop outside the door. "Thank you so much Dylan, really, you saved my life. I owe you."

"Always a pleasure." Dylan bows and smiles, "So you owe me, huh?" he asks with a smirk.

I groan and mentally face palm myself. He pulls me closer to him, "Don't worry, all I want is a kiss." he whispers, holding onto my waist.

I smile, "Okay." His eyes widened, "Really?" he whispers. I nod and lean up, kissing his cheek softly.

He chuckles and rolls his eyes, "Guess that's as far as it is going to get with you, huh?" he says and steps away from me.

"Good night nerd, I'll see you tomorrow." he says and winks at me, walking away.

I watch as his figure gets smaller and smaller and soon he is out of sight. I open the wooden door of my house and quietly go upstairs, my parents are probably sleeping already.

I may have lied and said I stayed at Ruby's house because my parents would lecture me to death if I told them that I stayed over at some random guys house so, oh well. I really hope they are sleeping.

And to be honest, my dad would probably make fun of me and Dylan. The last time I hugged a guy my dad started singing, "Maya and Colton sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G."

It was embarrassing because he said it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GUY.

Parents... Ugh.

I take off my cloths and walk into my bathroom. I changed back into Ruby's dress at Dylan's house after I cleaned up the egg and other food that was in places it shouldn't be. I'll give it back to her tomorrow with her bikini.

I get into the shower and close my eyes, pretending like I'm standing under a waterfall. What? Have you never done that before?

Do you ever do that thing where you think about life in the shower because its basically the only place you can relax? Cause I do that all the time.

I smile as I watch the small streams of water flow down my legs.

Maybe I won't end up as a cat lady with fifty cats.

Although, to be honest, I probably will.


Yeah, all the future cat ladies PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!

Qotd: "Procrastination is opportunities assassin."
- Victor Kiam

Lots of love and jelly tots- TPG

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