Chapter 2

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    The siren hissed and attempted to get out of the arms of the pirates that were carrying him. Dipper watched with a smirk on his face, satisfactory running through him. The crew dumped the siren into the tank with a splash and slammed the top shut, securing it with a solid padlock before Dipper nodded and they walked away. The tank the siren was in was extremely small, just long enough to allow him to stretch out and tall enough so he could lay down. The siren currently was trapped in the tank, laying on his stomach as he thrashed and hissed angrily. The net he had been tangled in had been removed and so had the cloth from his mouth. 

    He slowly started singing to try and hypnotize the human, and Dipper stood looking down at the creature with his arms crossed. The siren stopped singing and smiled up at Dipper, thinking he had succeeded. 

    "Unlock this tank and let me go." demanded the siren, voice slightly muffled from the water but other than that clear. 

    Dipper crouched besides the tank and met eyes with the creature, not moving for a moment.

    "Why would I do that?" snapped the pirate, causing the siren to flinch back slightly. "Why didn't that work?" he mumbled to himself. 

    The creature started banging his shoulders on the lid of the tank out of desperateness.

    "Let me go!" screeched the siren. "Shut it, and stop trying. You're not getting out of here unless I say so." Dipper said coldly. 

    The words sunk in and slowly the siren sunk to the bottom of the tank, a small sigh escaping his lips.     "What are you waiting for? Kill me already." he muttered just loud enough for Dipper to hear. "I don't plan on killing you." the pirate said, the siren's eyes widening in surprise. 

    Dipper stood up and walked across his room to his bed where he picked up his journal and lay down on his bed, opening to a fresh page and picking up his pen. He started to draw the siren, occasionally asking the creature a few questions based on research. About halfway through charting research Dipper broke the silence. 

    "My name's Dipper by the way." he said. 

    That seemed to surprise the siren even more; first he didn't kill him, and now he was attempting to be a little kind?

    "I'm B...Bill." he stuttered. "A little shy now, are you?" chuckled Dipper. "Hell to the no!" snapped Bill suddenly, accidentally bumping his head on the lid of the tank. (Fun Fact of the Chapter: BD4L says that phrase... A LOT!)

    Dipper smiled, holding back his laughter. He finished his research and closed his journal, setting it down while he stood up. He walked to the door and started to walk out but was stopped when the siren shouted after him. 

    "Hey, where are you going?" growled Bill. "To take care of my ship." answered Dipper before slamming the door and walking away. 

    "Your ship?" muttered Bill to himself. "Captain?" asked Bill even though the room was empty. 

    The way the crew obeyed him and the way he described it as his ship, it made sense thinking Dipper was captain.

     He waited and waited for him to come back but he didn't, and Bill could tell night was closing in. He closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep, but by the time he had lulled off slightly the door snapped open and so did Bill's eyes. He saw a girl that looked a lot like Dipper, except with long hair and a pirate girl's dress. 

    As she came in she laid down in front of Bill's tank, meeting eyes with him. She smiled, making Bill back up until he had pushed himself against the back of the tank. She laughed, but just out of silliness. 

    "You're Bill, right?" she asked curiously. "Y...Yes..." the siren answered slowly. 

    The girl giggled slightly, swing her legs back and forth slightly. 

    "I'm Mabel, Dipper's sister." she introduced with a smile. "The captain has a sister?" asked Bill, cocking his head slightly. "Captain?" Mabel questioned in confusion. "Oh no, Dipper ins't the captain! Our uncle is!" she explained with an, 'Ah Ha!' face.

    Bill nodded in acknowledgment and slowly edged towards the front of the tank and closer to Mabel.

    "If he's not captain then why does he act like he runs the place?" grumbled Bill, rolling his eyes slightly. "He kinda does. Our uncle is a big lazy butt and stayed in his room sleeping and counting his coins all day." she explained. "Who's your uncle?" questioned the siren. "Stanley Pines." answered Mabel. "Stan Pines!" shouted Bill. 

    He forgot how low the lid was and shot his head up, bumping his head. He cursed and rubbed where he had hit it, pushing with all his might on the top of the tank. 

    "Get me out of here!" Bill screeched. "Calm down! What happened?" Mabel tried to calm him. "Stan Pines! He's here!" hissed the siren, not ceasing his attacks on the lid. "What's so bad about my uncle?" she asked. "Not important! Just get me out!" he screeched, blinded by panic. 

    Mabel looked in a state of worry, so she gently put her hand on the side of the tank. Bill saw it and he slowly stopped and put his hand against hers, trying to tell himself he was going to find a way out of this. A while later Mabel stood up, Bill on his back in the small tank.

    "I have to go. See you tomorrow." she said. "Wait. Can you promise me something?"


    "No matter what, don't let your uncle find out about me."

    Mabel looked confused slightly, but nodded and waved as she walked out, closing the door behind her. 

    Bill sighed in relief and lay there, thinking about what he was going to do.

Woo, second chapter! It's a little lengthy for my taste, but hey, it's over! There was some serious foreshadowing there if you listened closely, and one more thing. Take a try and look over at my best friend's account, buter126. She's pretty good, so with that being said, see ya later mah peoples!

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