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(Macy in picture above)


Meek POV

I was really in a fucked up mood once we arrived. I was most definitely pissed at Omelly for bringing Macy. It's nothing but negative vibes when she's around.

Omelly said she wanted to see how we do business so he brung her. Maaaan only if he knew how her ass was checking for me at the pool party a few months ago. He one of those "I don't believe it til see it" type nigga and I'm pretty sure that bitch Macy has him brainwashed.

Nicki would beat her ass and kill Omelly if she knew Macy was here with us. The whole plane ride she kept staring at me trying to get my attention but like I said I wasn't checking for her.

Grabbing our things heading to the all black Cadillac, we headed to the hotel to catch up on sleep. We had a big day ahead of us in the morning.

We checked in going to our separate rooms for the night. Of course we were all on the same top floor. Putting my key in I went straight to my room getting ready for bed.

I texted Nic letting her know I made it in safely and that I was going to bed. She texted back 5 minutes later saying she was glad I made it in safely and I love you baby. Locking my phone I got in bed going to sleep instantly.

The next morning we were all going to meet down in the cafe to eat breakfast. I was ready so I grabbed my phone and headed towards the elevator. "Meek" I hear turning around seeing it was Macy. She had on a white crop top with some small ass blue jean shorts. She sped up catching me telling me to hold the elevator.

"Shouldn't you be at work" I asked annoyed "I took off this week actually. O told me he was leaving for a few days so I told him I wanted to tag al long you know, see how y'all do things" she says

Nah you came to be nosey knowing I was going to be here and not Nicki. Damn I should've brought her with me I say thinking to myself.

"Look Meek I wanted to apologize for the way I acted a few months ago. I don't know what came over me. I had too many drinks so I do apologize baby" she says licking her lips looking at me.

"Here's where you mess up at. Calling me baby and daddy has to stop. You know if my WIFE was here she'd beat your ass hearing those words coming out your mouth." I say hearing the ding of the elevator letting us know it was time to get off.

I walked away shaking my head leaving her standing there stuck.

Macy POV

I stood there watching his sexy ass walk out the elevator. Damn he tall as fuck. I don't give a fuck about him being married to that bitch Nicki. She requested I not be her OBGYN nurse anymore. That's not gone stop me from seeing him though.

This the only reason why I wanted to come with Omelly. Nothing is going to stop me from seeing that sexy piece of chocolate. I get wet every time I see him and his deep raspy voice makes me want to jump his bones

Just wait I'm gone get him right where I want him. In my bed fucking my brains out. Boy that's a scene to see.

I walked over to O giving him a kiss on the cheeks sitting down. I looked over at meek. He was on his phone probably texting that bitch Nicki. I got to find a way to get her out the picture but it's going to be hard since she's carrying his babies.

I focused back to Omelly whispering dirty nonsense in my ear. Barely listening I ask him to go fix my plate. He got up leaving me here at the table with tak and chino.

I stared at meek getting up putting his phone in his pocket going to the breakfast bar.

Boy it's going to be an interesting 3 days here. Let the games begin.

Meek POV

I got up going to the breakfast bar getting my food. I looked over seeing Omelly fixing two plates.

"Wassup meek" he says putting bacon on both plates. " my girl got me fixing her plate and shit" he laughed moving around me.

"Oh word. Keep an eye on your girl man" I say finish fixing my plate heading back to our table leaving Omelly standing there clueless.

An hour later we were all finished eating and getting ready to head out.
"iight y'all lets get going we got a long day ahead of us" tak says as we all headed out.

7 Hours Later

Meek POV

We got back late. I went straight in to take a shower and then FaceTime my baby when I was done. I got out putting my shorts on hearing a knock at the door. I went to the front and opened it seeing Macy standing there in a pink silk robe.

Macy: Surprise


SIDE NOTE: you pronounce Rihyan like Ryan. It rhymes with the other baby's name Ayan. Also Nicki is pregnant so her hormones are on a high. If ppl keep complaining about too much or too little sex then I won't make anymore sex scenes from here on out. Anyways ....... Excuse any errors. Thanks for reading!!!


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