Plus sized love

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HI!!! This is my first story!! So please be nice c: hopefully I can complete this .. But we'll see!!This beautiful cover was made by Lovelymeghann special thanks to her!!!!
Okay off to the story xoxo -maebear ;)

Chapter 1.

Okay.. So... This isn't one of those regular mushy gushy love stories. I'm not one of those "pretty skinny" teen girl like everyone else around me.

Trust me I'm not insecure... It's just when I see all those other girls that are skinny it makes me feel depressed.. For get it.. I'm sorry if I'm confusing you! My names Myrah Smith. I'm 17 years old and what can I say.. I'm plus size. Things really don't go my way around guys.. Lets just say I'm socially awkward. My friends always say "Myrah u need to go and mingle with other people." What is that suppose to mean? I can't help it if all the other "guys" are douche bags.

Ugh but enough about my socially awkward/insecure self..

I hope you enjoy my story... It all

started on the first day of school.

First chapter completed! Hope u enjoy :) xoxo -maebear :))) p.s. Ik it's short my apologies buuuut I'll make up for it I promise ❤❤

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