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(My only knowledge on all this cop and crime and jail shit, is from CSI, Psych, And How to Get Away With Murder. And a little from my forensics class im taking this year. SO DONT JUDGE ME.)

I sat in the holding cell quietly as cops, lawyers, and the like rushed around. My ribs were sore from how rough they had been with me, not like I blamed them. They thought i was a criminal, how else would they treat me?

I studied my fingerprints out of boredom until I heard my name called. "Daniel Howell, your lawyer is here to see you." They led me and Mr. Rigg to the visitor room, where they handcuffed me to the table. Just like the movies.

"Dan we're gonna get you out of here." Mr. Rigg opened with. I just shook my head skeptically. "I'm being serious. They think they have you pinned, but they don't have what we have. The prosecution was too lazy to take a look at what was right in front of their faces."

"What are you even talking about?" As far as I was concerned, the only evidence was my gun that i left in the car, and Cody's broken jaw. But both of them together made ME look like the bad guy.

"The phone call. You told me the first time I talked with you, that Shane had called Phil. So I looked into it. we have the conversation on tape. It will completely disintegrate their angle, of "Shane was using self defense." This news didn't make me smile.

"But I could still be being charged with attempted murder."

"True. But we're working on that. We're hoping that if Shane knows that he could also go to jail if he continues with this, then he might change his story a bit."

"What about Cody?"

"We're thinking a plea bargain might be the best option." I sighed heavily, my future looking grim.

"The trial to set bail is in two days. Can you hang out in here for that long?" He looked down at me sadly.

"It's not like I have a choice." I replied, holding up my cuffed hands. Mr. Rigg stood up and put his hand on my shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

"Everything will be fine Dan. I swear."

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