41.Morning sickness/Just Great/Good News!

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-Beep Beep Beep- 

Stupid alarm i reached for it and turned it off for some reason i felt cold i looked down and see that im naked! i hurried and put the covers on me i blushed because i remember what happened last night i turn and see Chris smirking at me god i hate him i knew he saw me blush. 

He grabbed me by the waist pulled me into him my head was on his bare chest "Last night was fun" i know he is doing that on purpose to make me blush...dick.....

I gave him a death glare "If you try and make me blush on purpose i will never do it with you again" he looked at me with wide eyes "Thats what i thought" i said laughing 

"I still think you were really good last night moaning my name going crazy under me, I loved it before you were a scratchier  and now you are a screamer and a scratchier, i like it" he said giving me a smirk and a wink. 

I gave him a death glare "That's it let go of me" i struggle to get out of his grasp "we are never going to do it again" 

He smirked then said "Oh really, you sure about that"  i slapped his bare chest, After struggling to get out of grasp i finally got out. 

i got up and took the sheets with me i felt a weird feeling in my stomach, i felt like i was going to throw up i held my mouth and ran into the bathroom. opened the toilet seat and threw up i felt someone holding my hair back i knew it was Chris. I finally finished i washed my face and turned to face Chris. 

He had a worried face "Whats wrong? are you okay?" he asked worriedly 

I gave him a small smile "I'm fine, it's probably morning sickness or something I'm gonna go take a shower so i think you should leave?" he smirked and i know he is going to say something perverted i mean come on it is Chris Collins! Dur! 

"No I think we should save water and take a shower together" he said winking i gave him a death glare "Whats up with the death glare lately?" 

"Get out" he grabbed me by the waist then threw the sheet off my body i was fully naked in front of him at least he has boxers on, i tried covering myself but he didn't let me 

"No, you beautiful and it's not like i haven't seen it before" he went to the shower turned on the water then took off his boxers he grabbed my hand and slowly took us in the shower. 

lets just say they didn't only take a shower *winks* winks*   


After we were done with our 'little shower' i picked out an outfit (outfit on top) i curled my hair and put some makeup on. I went downstairs made some breakfast for me and Chris while i was making the eggs I felt someone wrapping their hands around my waist and kissing my neck i knew it was Chris. 

"You look good, and the food smells great" he said 

"Its almost ready go sit down i'm going to bring it" 

"I don't know if i want the eggs i think i want you to be my breakfast" he said turning me around and smirking then started kissing my neck 

"Enough, we already did it last night and in the shower. can't you wait until tonight?" 

"Hmm......fine but you are not backing out tonight" 

"Okay" i said kissing him while it got heated there was a knock on the door we both sighed "I'm gonna go open the door" i pecked his lips 

I went and opened the door my eyes widen when i saw my family and chris's family except Crawford and Lea hmm i wonder where they are. my mom and Stacey pulled me in a bone crush hug and trust me it was worse then Audrey's hug i seriously think i'm gonna die... 

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