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Stealing Hearts 8/3/13


Authors POV

“Look. It’s not that hard! I just want a damn chocolate cookie crumble frappuccino, a hazelnut frapp, a caramel frapp, a marble pound cake, a lemon pound cake, an apple fritter, and a glazed donut.”

“Miss we are having a small problem understanding your accent.” Allison stood there with a gapping mouth quite pissed. This was the third Starbucks she’s tried and it had failed also. She slams a hand down on the counter glaring at the three employees’ who she finds quite dumb.

“Give me a piece of paper, and a pen.”  She demands taking the things from the boy writing furiously. She slides the order over standing there waiting for them to get to work. They scramble away making the drinks, and getting the food ready for her. Seven minutes later the three drinks, including the four treats sat in front of Allison. She pays for them quickly grabbing the things ready to get out of the damn store. She hails a taxi from the road climbing into the back sit.

“9701 Chelsea Boulevard, the Sony Music building please?” She spoke not looking at the driver. He pulls back onto the road. Allison still hasn’t gotten used to how the British drive on the other side of the road. She’s been here for seven months and it still confuses her. Their accents aren’t as bad now, but it’s making hers worse. Nobody can seem to understand a word she says. The driver pulls up to the large building.

“How much?” Allison asks slowly. He smirks shaking his head no. She gives the man a questioning look wondering why he isn’t making her pay.

“Free for such a pretty lady.” He says. She mentally rolls her eyes stepping out the taxi with her goodies. She kicks the door close with her foot walking up the steps into Sony Music studios. The man watches her walk into the building with a disappointed looking knowing he failed to get her number. Allison had a proud smirk on her face knowing the man was upset. His fault for trying to flirt with a taken woman she told herself. She sent a small wave to Jane, the receptionist, as I walk right into the elevator heading to the sixth floor. It dings sliding the doors open, letting Allison walk out. She walks down the marble floors straight to room 203. Andy and Preston stood in front of the door looking tough. They give Allison and look and she gives it right back.

“Why don’t you guys, instead of just standing there, you now open the door for me.” She says full of sass. They nod opening the door letting her squeeze through. Three men sat at the DJ section pressing buttons as five boys sing inside the booth.

“I’m back finally with treats!” She whisper yells trying not to disturb the men at work. Paul gladly accepts his Hazelnut frappuccino drinking it with a small smile on his face. She throws him the glazed donut taking the apple fritter for herself. She places the pound cakes and the caramel frappuccino by the two music producers’. She drinks the cookie crumble with a sigh of relief. The apple fritter was still warm and gooey making it extra good.

“Paul, is my accent really that hard to understand?”

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