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Nikos exhaled the breath he’d been holding. He really did not want to cause a scene tonight. Hell, almost every week he’d already been on numerous magazines and tabloids! It was all because of his playboy lifestyle.

Just right now, he punched one of his friends to rescue this girl he did not even know. For sure he’d be in another of those blasted tabloids.

Quick as a flash, the two of them became the center of attention and the only thing he could do to avoid reporters swarming around both of them right now would be to whisk her away to the dance floor.

Nikos waved his hand and it was as if someone hit the play button once more. The music resumed, people turned around to go about their business and conversation all around the party started once more. He then pulled Cassia close and placed his hand on her waist. She seemed stunned as he guided her onto the dance floor.

This was her first dance ever and she was so lucky to be in this hero’s arms.

Effortlessly, Nikos Demakis led her on the steps of the waltz. He smiled at her when she stepped on his foot and adjusted his steps for her. With every sway, every smile and every step, Cassia fell deeper and deeper.

“I’m sorry about what happened,” Nikos said after a long moment of awkward silence.

“Thank you for rescuing me...” Cassia breathed.

“It’s nothing,” Nikos replied in a clipped Greek accent that made Cassia’s pulse skyrocket.

“I am Nikos Demakis.”

“And I am Cassia Andrade...”

There was a long pause and Cassia noticed a different expression cross Nikos’ face. It was something like surprise mixed with uncertainty. But it was gone in a flash and she thought that she must’ve just imagined it.

“Nice to meet you, Cassia,” Nikos managed after a few seconds of silence. He never expected that the woman he saved was the Andrade heiress that everyone was talking about. He didn’t envision that this was how they’d meet.

He tilted his head to the side and looked at her features. Yes, he agreed with what everyone was saying. She seemed plain, but if one looked at her harder and got past that first glance, it was plain to see that she had a fine facial bone structure. She also had skin so smooth and so pale that it looked as if it was glowing.

They called her fat but what Nikos saw was curves that made his mouth water. He blinked and tried to clear his head of these shameful thoughts. She was the granddaughter of the man that wanted to ruin his family! If he made her one of his conquests and broke her heart, the Demakis Shipping Corporation would surely plummet to the ground under her grandfather’s wrath.

“The pleasure’s mine...” she managed to reply.

They say time flies when you are enjoying yourself.

That happened to Cassia. All too quickly, the dance was over and she found herself craving to be closer to her savior. She wished he’d take her in his arms again and dance with her until the night was over.

But that was not to be. Cassia frowned a bit when Nikos let go of her hand. Then, he bowed and she realized that the song had already ended. She so desperately wished that it would go on for a little while longer for she really wanted to know him more.

It was as if there was something in him that called out to her.

She wanted him...badly.

“Thanks for the dance. I have to go,”  Nikos Demakis said as he picked up her hand and kissed it.

Then, he turned his back and walked towards his peers who started teasing him because he danced with her. He just shrugged as though it wasn’t really a grave matter. He turned back towards her one last time.

When their eyes met across the crowded ballroom, he winked.


“I think I’m in love...” Cassia giggled.


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