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"Girl fix please! It's an emergency!" Keisha laughs, "Sit down Kiera. It's just a nail." I laugh, "Girl you know I love my extra long nails and fooling with August ass it broke." His name caught every girl in the shop attention. All eyes were on me as I looked around. "Whats good with that?" One girls asks. "Shit." Never let any hoe know your business like that, unless she's your main bitch and even then you have to be careful.

"Come on give us some to work with." One girl says. I roll my eyes, "He's fine as fuck." I respond with the obvious. "We knew that girl." They all laugh. "Then you shouldn't be worried about what else he's working with. Just look don't touch." They all stop laughing. My best friend Cherry laughs, "Shut shit down quick Lo."

Cherry has been my best since diaper days. Our mamas are best friends and now their daughters are best friends. Cherry is a year older than me but since her birthday is considered late in the year we were able to be in school together. We been wrecking shit ever since. I'm the only child except for Cherry, that's the only sister I have. My mama never had anymore children since my daddy left her when I was five. She just worked and took care of me. She her job never paid that much but between her and auntie Shawanna, me and Cherry always stayed in the latest. We're both the only child but we ain't sure if our mothers did that on purpose or not.

"You know how it go." Keisha starts on my nails once she applies acrylic to one that broke. "What color you gone do this week?" Hmm.. "Well me and my baby loves pink on me so let me get the cotton candy pink."

As she finishes up my nails this girl name Aliyah walks in. "Hey y'all." I roll my eyes. "What's up?" Cherry says laughing. "How much I owe you including the nail repair Ke?" "Just thirteen boo." I reach into my bag and hand her a twenty. "Thanks love. You ready Cherry?" I ask. "Yeah let's go."

We get to her car. "Did you see the way she was looking at you?" Cherry asks. I chuckle, "Hating ass hoe." She cuts up Future and we ride to her boyfriend house.

We pull on the side and she cuts the car off. "Who is that?" She asks as we watch some hoe talking to our men. August ass isn't paying her any attention but she sure has Dae attention. We get out. "Bitch keep walking." Cherry says walking up to Dae. I lean against the hood of Cherry car waiting. I glance at August. He tucks his bottom lip between his teeth walking over to me.

He stops in front of me. I lean up. "Hey." I say smiling. "Wazzam baby?" He returns the smile. "Who was that?" He shrugs, "Some hoe Dae was talking too." I nod my head and sit my arms around his neck. "Let me see your nails." I give him my hand. "I like." I smile, "Thank you. You were in mind when I chose the color." He laughs, "I preciate that shawty."

"Them hoes so damn thirsty and why did Aaliyah ass walk in there." "I hope yo ass stayed in that damn chair." I laugh, "Yes I did. I beat the hoe ass once. I'm done with the shit unless she runs up." He shakes his laughing, "You too pretty for that fighting shit." My lips twist up, "Every nigga tell they girl that." He sucks his teeth, "Do I look like every nigga? And I mean it Kiera Simmons."

"You didn't have to say my entire name August Alsina." He laughs, "Chill on that government shit." I roll my eyes smiling. He pecks my lips, "Stay rolling yo eyes." "We bout to go inside the house." Cherry says. "You ready to go?" Aug asks. "Yeah. We'll catch y'all later Cherry." "Bye y'all."

"Bae I'm hungry." My stomach starts growling. "What you want?" He asks pulling on to the Main Street. "American Deli." "Alright." We ride a little while longer until we come up on one. We hop out and head inside. "Let me some a 10 piece lemon pepper meal with peach punch and a philly meal with extra fries and a fruit punch." August says ordering our food. "Oh and make them wings extra crispy." The guy smiles "We got you buddy. You two order the same thing every time." We both laugh, "Cool buddy."

We get to his place and dig in. 'Let me bite." I ask as soon as he opens his plate. "Gimme a wing." I groan and he laughs. "Kiera." I smirk, "I didn't want to share." He shakes his head, "Why we gotta go through this every time?" He says. I smile, "Because you always ask for a wing every time." I sit beside him and grab his sandwich and he picks out which flat he wants. I look down and see he grabbed a drum. "Bae." I whine. He laughs, "Just this one time." he says biting it. I sit his sandwich back on his plate.

My phone starts ringing, "Mama." I say answering. "Where you at lil girl?" She asks, "Over my boyfriend house. Where you Shirley?" She laughs, "You play too damn much." I laugh. "Tell August I said hello. I'm at home honey. You know that place you never visit anymore." she says. "You want me to come see you Shirley? Ima come over tonight. I miss you big baby." "Kiera get off my damn phone. I'll see you tonight." I laugh, "Alright. I love you ma." "I love you too." We hang up. "My mama said hey baby." I say to Aug. "Whats up mama? Ask her when she cooking again." He asks. "She gone now. Ask her when you drop me off over there." "Alright." I look at his empty plate. "You so fat."

"Says the girl who ain't want give up one damn wing." He says mushing me. "Stop nigga." He laughs. "You play too much." I say moving to the other sofa. I grab a wing and see August hand. I move my plate. He comes over beside me. I laugh. "Go back over there." "Where you going baby?" he grabs my arms pulling me back down. "Bae let me eat bruh." He laughs, "Alright I just want to sit by you."

I sit my plate on the other side of me. He laughs cutting the tv on. I reach down to grab my drink and see August hand all in my plate. I lean back and see a handful of fries in his hands. He looks at the tv like I aint just see that shit. "You so ugh." he laughs, "Here, open." "You eat it. I don't want that." He grabs my face and turns it towards him and kisses my lips. "Ima let you eat now." I shake my head smiling. I finish my plate and grab the blanket and snuggle up next to August.

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