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Keep the beginning of chapter 12 in mind when you read this



"Brooklyn?" Abby breathed in shock. Brooklyn looked up at Abby in confusion. "Mommy?" Alex and Calum cleared their throats. "Well, we'll be back at the station," Calum announced awkwardly, "Have fun kids." The two then bolted out the door, racing to the cop car in he driveway.

Abby looked at Luke and Luke looked at Abby. Abby smiled at Luke and Luke smiled at Abby. And Ashton felt sad.


Ashton rubbed his arm awkwardly. Abby looked to Ashton, giving a small smile, but Ashton could tell two things:

It was fake.

She didn't like Ashton.

But, the feeling was mutual.

Ashton knew for sure this was the girl that attacked him, everything added up. "Uh, c-come in." Luke stuttered, opening the door up wider. Abby smiled at him and walked inside, but Ashton shook his head violently, clinging to Luke's arm.

"Ash," Luke said in annoyance, shaking Ashton off his arm, "Get off." Ashton whimpered and reluctantly let go, "Luke-" "Daddy," Brooklyn asked, looking up at her father, then Abby, "If thith Mommy?" Abby looked at Luke in confusion.

"What's wrong with her?"

Brooklyn whimpered slightly, looking down shamefully. "She's got a speech delay." Luke told Abby, who nodded. "I'm sorry I wasn't here." She said with sad eyes — obviously fake, but Luke was oblivious.

"Why don't we go on a walk," Luke asked Abby as he grabbed his coat, "The rain's cleared up. We need to catch up."

Ashton frowned, "You don't wanna go on walks with me."

Luke groaned, looking at Ashton. "Ashton," he told he teacher, "I'm finally reunited with my best friend, and all you can think about is yourself?"

Ashton's eyes prickled with tears, stumbling back slightly. Luke turned to Abby, "I'm sorry about him. So, walk?" "I know this great bar on 4th." Abby told him, walking to the door with Luke.

And they were gone.

Brooklyn shuffled over to Ashton, wrapping her tiny arms around his leg. "Daddy," she asked, "Where Daddy?"

Ashton just sighed, "He's out with a friend," not in the mood to tell the girl that her father was out with the mother that abandoned her at birth.

Brooklyn nodded, not understanding at all what was happening. Ashton picked up the five-year-old and set her on his hip. "Do you wanna come home with Daddy?" He asked, pointing to himself.

Brooklyn nodded, a grin spreading on her face. With that, Ashton walked out of the house and to his car, driving to his flat with tears in his eyes.

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