I punched the Meta. Then Barry punched him making him fall over unconscious. Cisco brought the S.T.A.R labs van and but the Meta in and drove off. I laughed. "Okay we've been putting Metahumans in S.T.A.R labs all week..." I said. Barry pulled me close to him. "It seems quite now..." Barry whispered. I kissed him.... then my phone buzzed in my pocket in my suit. I sighed. I pulled it out and found a text from Caitlin saying. "At 5 p.m come to S.T.A.R labs". That's weird. "Well I got to get home" I said referring to the West house. "I'll see you there" Barry said. I kissed him the sped off.

I walked down the hallway of S.T.A.R labs. I heard something behind me pulled out my knife I put in my boot. I walked down the hallway. And saw someone and put them in a headlock with my knife at their neck. Then I saw who it was....Barry. "Barry?!" I said. "Skye?" Barry asked. I took him out of my headlock. "How many times have you done something like that?" Barry asked. "Um.... can't count.... I have a question... why are you here?" I asked. "Well Cisco texted me to be here" Barry said. We walked in the cortex but the lights were off. "Uh... hello? Guys?" I asked. Then the lights flipped on and I heard: "Surprise!". I looked around and everyone was there.... and when I saw everyone I mean everyone. Cisco, Caitlin, Joe, Iris, Harry, Felicity, Oliver, Zara, Fitch, Diggle, Lyla, Sara, Thea, Roy, Laurel, Captain Lance, and Wally. I gasped. "Welcome to your engagement party" Caitlin said. "Aw.... thanks guys" I said. "I told you guys you guys would get married" Felicity said. I laughed. Then Cisco came out with a microphone. "Excuse me guys can you guys take your seats... the show is about to start" Cisco said. He put up a video on the computers and pressed play. "Hello I'm Cisco Ramon.... and I created this video for my favorite couple.... Skye and Barry... I think they will be the greatests couple... because Skye is scary, and a lot of bad things have happened to her... and Barry is the opposite of her... they need eachother" Cisco ended. Then Iris came on. "I'm Iris West and Skarry happened!" I laughed. Then Caitlin came on. "I'm Caitlin Snow and I love Skye and... Skye is happy thanks to Barry.... so thank you Barry" Caitlin said. Then Joe came on. "I'm Joe West and I've always knew this day would come. So Barry I'm soo happy for you" Joe said. Then Felicity came on. "I'm Felicity Smoak. Point Skarry!" I laughed at that. Then Oliver came on. "I'm Oliver Queen. And Barry don't let Skye go" Oliver said. Then Zara came on with Fitch. "I'm Zara Ling and two speedsters falling in love who saw it coming" Zara laughed. "I'm Fitch Macintosh and I just want to saw good job Barry... she's a keeper". Then Roy and Thea came on. "I'm Roy Harper and Barry break her heart I break your arm" Roy said laughing. "I'm Thea Queen and I love that you guys are getting married. I knew you would" Thea said. Then Diggle, Lyla and Sara came on. "I'm John Diggle and I ship Skarry". "I'm Lyla Diggle and I also ship Skarry". Then Captain Lance came on. "I don't know you guys too well I just want to say your relationship will last a lifetime". "I'm Wally West. And I just found out about you guys.... so uh... save the world". Then it showed Cisco again. "I challenge Skye Snow and Barry Allen to a ice bucket challenge". Then the clip ended and I felt cold water dump on my head. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed. Then they all started laughing. I turned towards Cisco who was holding a bucket. "I'm gonna kill you" I screamed. Then Cisco screamed like a girl then I began chasing him. Of course I didn't kill him. I began laughing uncontrollably. I love my life!

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