Chapter 7

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To my special classmate psg_0724. I would like to say thaaaaankkk yooouuu for being special. And for being my classmate. NAH! Im just kidding. I have alot to say in this note so let me redo that.

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To my special classmate/friend/bestfriend/reader: psg_0724 I would like to thaaaannnkkk yooouuu for always always always being the first one who reads my book when there's an update.

She always tells me to update. Like "always". When im at school she would show me parts of the book/chapter that she loves and would fangirl with me and my classmates about it.

There's this line I always repeat to her when she tells me to update. "Be patient there's alot more plot twists waiting to happen." Except I say it to her in our language which is Filipino.

(And yes I am a pure and proud Filipino citizen ^_^ )

So again psg_0724 : AKA prudence/prude in the story. Thank you for the love/support/help/giving me a reason to update.
I love yah! ^^

Without further ado... Here is chapter 7!

"Who do you like?"

I looked at him clearing my throat. I placed my fork back on my plate. I flipped my hair back and leaned in forward to him. I saw him take in a big gulp. Why is he nervous? I placed my index finger on his nose.
"That is something you don't need to know." I said squinting at him. I retrieved my finger from his nose and reclined on my chair.

I picked up my spoon and shoved a marshmallow from my plate and stuffed it into my mouth. I looked at my messy plate filled with chocolate syrup from the fountain.

He leaned in froward, elbows on the table. He looked me in the eye intensely as if trying to tell me something. He leaned further in and did what I least expect of him to do. He kissed my forhead.

"Wha-" I said but he interrupted me and placed a finger on my lips shutting me up. "Shhhhh" he said closing his eyes and opening them slowly. He smiled at me his finger still on my lips. "P-L-A-T-O-N-I-C" he spelled out to me still not lifting his finger from my lips. "Platonic." He repeated to me so that to make sure I didn't get the wrong number.
I nodded at him thats when he retrieved his finger and reclined on his chair.

"Platonic kiss." I said trying to conceal my heating cheeks. To be honest it actually felt very platonic. No sparks, no butterflies in my stomach only a plain feeling. I continued to consume my food ,looking only at the food I have remaining.

Why would he kiss me on the forehead. I bearly even know him besides the fact that he's filthy sinking rich. He might be that type of play boy guy. I don't know it was just wierd that he kissed me on the forehead. Is he starting to have feelings? Thats insane! I released a breath that I didn't know I was holding.

If he asks me if I would go out with him on a 'date' I would say no. I know that would be mean but I'm hopelessly inlove with someone who doesnt love me back. Talk about crazy. He likes another girl I don't know who but I dont dwell on it much because I know that stalking wont be of any use.

I would only be able to look at 'crush' in class. He would often raise his hand to answer a question or solve a equation on the board. He's really smart, one of the reasons I admire him. He's a consistent honor student. Amazing right? He likes color black. He plays tennis. Constantly looks into his bag. He smiles alot. He has a really funny nickname... 'Dumpling'. I don't know why they call him that but I think its cute.

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