A Dark Alliance - 1 | ii

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Salvay stood facing Sven. The two men sized each other up, both alphas in their own right.

"A vampire," Sven said.

"A werewolf," Salvay replied.

Sven gave him a smile that did not reach his eyes. "To what do I owe this visit?"

Salvay, without an invitation, took a seat. "I must apologize for the absence of my associate. He is busy handling—other matters."

Sven raised a brow looking down at the man but said nothing. Having a vampire in his camp was an interesting development for him. Vampires and werewolves, though not enemies, kept their socialization limited to none at all. To find one suddenly appearing and one from one of the five families no less, Sven's interest was piqued.

"It seems we have a common interest."

"Do we?" Sven asked. He did not have to feign his fascination.

"Yes. Lansguard."

Raising an eyebrow, Sven took a seat facing his guest, "Lansguard?"

"Let us not waste each other's time. I know," Salvay, said looking around the tent before looking back at Sven, "about your plans to open the portal to Lansguard. Marx has formed an alliance with three of the five families, and he has also made a pack for himself."

"A pack?" Sven said.

"There are two alphas now. And guess whose pack is actually growing."

Salvay looked pleased as he passed on the information. Sven did not bother to mention that he was adding to his ranks just fine. The information about Marx now being an alpha only served to confirm what he had already suspected. He was, however, not happy that his suspicions had been correct. Salvay brought Sven up to speed.

"...My men would have intercepted the others by now."

"Why do you want the portal to open? Everyone else, from your account, thinks me a mad man. We all know what awaits on the other side. We saw it firsthand."

"You are not a man to act rashly. For you to be opening the portal, it means you have a plan to defeat the Order. However, I must say I have my doubts. Your race was almost obliterated in the last attempt to recapture our homeland."

Sven clenched his jaw. "As your race ran with your tails between your legs. At least, we fought for what was ours. Vampires have been integrating with humans for centuries. Why the need for Lansguard now?" Sven noted the look of disdain on the man's face.

"Not all of us believe in this—integration. Lansguard was, is and will always be our rightful home. There, we do not need to hide from ourselves. We can be who we are. We can have families."

"And you will grow old and die," Sven interjected. "Lansguard is not like earth. It doesn't give you immortality."

Salvay looked away. "Eternity is not a blessing for all of us."

"So what do you propose?" Sven sat back in his chair. He would lose nothing by indulging the man, but maybe there was something to gain.

"The Passerini and Salvay families will help you to see your plan through. Passerini and myself—we have men, we have followers. We can help keep the other families and the werewolves out of your way while you open the portal. We will make the manpower you need available to you. Your revenge will also be ours."

"And in turn?" Sven asked.

"Shadow magic has taken enough from us so you can have the Book of Shadows. You can have this world and your immortality, and we can take back Lansguard and live our lives as we are meant to."

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