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With a vicious twist and the cracking sound of bone the last of the vampires went down leaving only one. Anabella stood with the head in her hand blood pooling around the body on the ground. She threw the head aside as if it was of no consequence. Cormac, the head of Salvay's security team, was kneeling in front of De Rege and Vescovi; arm twisted at a severe angle. In the midst of their fighting, a station wagon had pulled up. Mother, father and children all shocked out of their minds at the scene before them. Vescovi compelled them to forget and sent them on their way.

"Have the cleaners take care of this," Anabella said to one of her men. "And find out when the others will be here." The man nodded walking off as he took a cellular phone from his pocket. In their society, Anabella was responsible for the P.R. in a matter of speaking. And for the cleaning up of messes that would expose their existence. She was the first line of defense in keeping Pentorium and the vampires hidden in plain sight.

"What shall we do with this one?" Philippe asked of Vescovi.

Vescovi stood wiping his bloody hands with a handkerchief. "Question him," he answered.

Anabella smiled as she looked down at Cormac, "The process could kill him."

Vescovi looked up at his closest and longest friend. They had grown up in Lansguard together. At one point, he had thought he loved her, but it was no more than the love a brother would have for a sister. She was family. She was loyal—she was deadly.

"Answers are what I want. His life means nothing to me."

"I think we're scaring him," Philippe said amused.

Anabella walked a short distance from them looking out into the distance. "Truck. Fifteen mins away. It should be big enough."

"We need to get to Hedgewood fast," Vescovi said to them.

In the time it took the truck to get to them, all traces of the bodies were gone. Quick disposal was made possible by a tool De Rege had devised that injected a special chemical into the dead bodies. Once injected the bodies spontaneously combust and all that is left are burning flakes like pieces of burnt paper. The wind scattered them. Using another solution, the men got rid of all traces of blood. It made cleaning up even the toughest of messes a snap.

The driver of the truck was compelled to forget what he had seen and for his troubles, Vescovi gave the man one of the SUVs to make his way home. Anabella went into the back of the U-Haul with two of her men while two went in the front and the others loaded up in the SUVs.

Vescovi heard Anabella say over their intercom, "I'll be going dark for a little while..."

De Rege, who was sitting in the back of the SUV with Vescovi, shook his head.

"...see you on the other side." Then the line went dead.

Seconds later, they could hear the screams coming from the truck two cars behind them.

"Think he will live?" De Rege asked, glancing through the back window of the SUV.

"Can't say I very much care."

Their convoy came to a stop less than twenty minutes from their destination. They parked their vehicles off to the side of the road though they were not able to hide them. The U-Haul was an even bigger matter. Vescovi and De Rege came out of their SUV and stood, waiting for Anabella to finish her... interrogation. A few minutes later the back of the U-Haul was pulled open, and Anabella stood there blood dripping from her right hand. Her nails slowly retracted down to their typical manicured lengths.

One of her men helped her from the truck. "Looks as if Salvay is as foolish as Dempsey thought," she was not pleased. Anabella held her hand out to the side as one of her men came over with a bottle of water. He proceeded to wash away the blood.

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