Chapter 5

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          I dash into my house as soon as I park my car. I'm late! I had to let the nurse in for the regular check up of mumma but I got late because of this damn traffic. She must have left after getting no answer. I go to mumma's room and I'm surprised to see the nurse standing there. She is doing something with the feeding tube. How did she get in?? My hearts swells in realisation. Uncle Jason! He is here. I run to the kitchen knowing that is the exact place I would find him. Sure enough there he stands,with an apron around his body and his back towards me.

        He is cooking something which smells awfully yum! A proper dinner tonight. Yipes! I tiptoe softly to him and in an instant put my arms around him and shout,

 "Uncle Jase!!"

 He stiffens in surprise but recovers immediately, turning around and hugs me back. It feels so good to be hugged like that. With so much of love and adoration. It's been a while since Pa did that. I grin and look up to him. He has a similar grin plastered on his face. I just love my uncle. He is not just a second father but also a partner in crime type of buddy to me. A friend who understands me.

 "Hey, kiddo. What's up? How was your first day huh?" He asks smiling with affection.

"It was pretty good. It's a huge surprise to see you here Uncle Jase. Did you let the nurse in?" I ask though I know the answer.

"Yes, I did. She arrived just an hour after my arrival. She must be done till now." He replies and I'm so glad he is here. Uncle has our house keys so he can visit here whenever he wants even if no one is at home.

"Thank God you are here. There was so much of traffic and my friends stopped me after school. I was scared that the nurse would go away finding the house locked. Thanks so much."

"No problem Sam, I was here for a meeting so I had planned to come visit you guys. I'm here for two more days" He says sheepishly.

"That's amazing uncle. Two whole days with you. But I have school." I say pouting sadly.

"Haha no problem Sam, even I have some meetings to attend in the morning so you can attend your school while I attend my meetings and stuff. Then we can both chill out and enjoy in the evening. Deal?" He asks laughing at my sad expression.

I pretend to think about it for a while and then grin, "Deal!"

         We randomly talk for an hour and catch up with the stuff going on in our respective lives. Talking with him eases all my worries that I had been pondering over since morning. While talking we enjoy the chicken noodles he made when I first saw him in the kitchen. At around 7.00 we both leave to our respective rooms to change. I enter my room and lie on the bed with a satisfied smile on my face. Today was really good. I then go to the washroom, wash my face and hands and then change into an orange loose cotton t-shirt and white pajamas. I realize it is hot and go to open my window. I draw out my maroon curtains and have a look outside. It is all the same. The same narrow valley of road between two houses. The same window of Mrs.Gilbert. She is an old lady living here alone with her husband. They are really sweet and kind people. I often see Mrs.Gilbert reading by the window. And then when she would notice me, she would wave a hand at me. It is oddly satisfying.

        I am now watching one my favorite movies 'Pitch Perfect' with uncle and dad. I was surprised to see dad home early but he came on uncle's arrival. We had a nice chatty dinner after a long time. For a few moments today, dad seemed to be getting back to his old self. Being the amazing cook my uncle is, he made me the best dinner I've had in the past few months. Dad and uncle are sitting on either side of me with my head on dad's shoulder. It seems like I'm living my past life again. The only person missing in here is my mom. But I know she is here with us. Just not physically. That's it. The movie got over at 11.00 and we all retired to bed. I drape the blanket over my legs and slip into a deep slumber with a soft smile on my face.

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