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Why me?

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I know better than to get so attached to someone so quick yet reason abandoned me.

I wonder does he ever think of me?

The irony of it all, I  was absolutely content with my mediocre existence until he came along.

But you know what they say, everyone is replaceable.

And what's worse I am left as as laughing stock because I chose to play the part of the fool.

The standing ovation from the audience for flawless acting cannot compare to the feelings of isolation and sadness I am left with.

I picked my poison and it was you.

It feels as if I have been punched in the gut, lime juice splashed in my eyes. But  even the burning sensation is not enough to remove the thought of him that constantly, left my mind in mid-step throughout  the day.

The way he  smiles and calls me by his personal nickname for me.

Maybe it was all a joke to him.

But it wasn't for me.

Why would he continue talking to me if he knew he will never see me again.

I would give almost anything just to know his thoughts.

Now I have to walk around this campus like a heavy textbook straining against my heart waiting for me to collapse. 

Why did I do this to myself?

Would he have ever pull the plug? Or continue dragging me as if everything was fine.

How is he coping with it? I still care. I care too much.

I miss him so much.

I sit here in the classroom warming the sit but my mind is constantly on him; conjuring up things that he is doing right now.

What is he doing?

Did he kiss someone already? 

Is he over me already?

Would i have been able to satisfy him if we weren't millions of miles apart?

Why do I still give a fuck about him?

I really disgust myself. Why couldn't he talk to me? 

This is the price I pay for wearing y heart on sleeves.

Would he feel jealous if he saw me with someone else?

Guess not.

We were a Summer Fling,

A temporary bling,

A mere candle in the wind,

A useless thing,

Just made victims of circumstance,

Who believed we had a chance,

 Yet the love still lingers deep within,

And I cannot win searching for your twin,

So Fin.

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