Part 5 - Because Of My Breasts

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"Why're we here again?" I asked, leaning forwards in my seat, setting my elbows on my thighs getting more and more irritated. I didn't knew why I let Angela drag me to this. 

"Because my boyfriend is on the soccer team." I stared at her, brows furrowed.


She lifted her arm, and outstretched her hand, pointing at someone. I followed her finger, still majorly confused.

When did anyone ask her out?

The person she was pointing at was moving a thousand miles per second. Easily zipping past everyone that tried to get in his way. He was fast, and good. Also, the muscle contour of his body by he shirt was another thing.

"The Jedi?" I asked, and she nodded, beaming.

"I've talked to you about him. Of course we weren't dating at the time- and I never thought he would ever ask me out-but he did and now we're dating and..." Her voice trailed off looking at my face. She had the habit of talking kind of fast when she was excited and I didn't blame her. It was just...when she was excited she was kind of hard to understand.

"Well," I said, grinning at her. "Good for you. Looks like you got a popular boyfriend after all."

"And what about you? What about that dinner the other night?" I paused, for a millisecond. I hadn't told her about Jako yet, and I wasn't sure I wanted to. She was so bias. She'd tell me to nail him down and all that.

"He as a girlfriend." I said instead. She sighed and patted my back.

"All the best ones do."

"Shut up." I mumbled, crossing my arms, and pouting my lips. I didn't want to talk about how he could never and would never be mine. Was it too much to ask? That he be all mine.

Yes. Yes, it would be Lila. But you knew that.

I sighed and closed my eyes. For a couple seconds I let my mind drift to a world where that heavenly beast held man hand and pushed the hair back from my face. A place where when we were together it was as if no one else was around. A world for just us.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" I cursed as something hit my head, hard. I fell back into the lap of someone behind me, groaning, not even caring that my ponytail was making out with someone's crotch. I lifted my hands to my head as a ringing started in my head, making me cringe. I tried to open my eyes, but failed on the first try. The second try was better. I found myself peering into a seriously sexy, handsome face. And those lips. Was it bad how badly I wanted to kiss them? I shut my eyes again, and then jumped when someone placed their hand on my chin, lifting my face.

"Lila...Lila? Are you ok? He kicked that ball really hard." I blinked to see that Mr.Tuan was crouching in front of me, peering worried into my face. Not only that, but his hand was on my face and we had a crowd. Although, the ringing had faded I still shook my head. He nodded and then leaned in, making my heart jump in my throat. He placed one arm around my back and then scooped me up. In that moment, it felt as though everything was just right.

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