Chapter 3: Fight Takes Flight

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(Draco: POV)

I have no idea why she is crying, her head is light and soft like a pillow against my chest, I barricade my arms around her, and lead her back to the head boy-and-girl room, I sit down with her on the couch, her still gripping onto me, I cannot believe I am doing this, she is a muggle born she- I don't care, "What happened?" I say sternly but still caring, she looks at me and trys to stop crying "James- He he was using me he -he tried to-" I look at her and shake my head and I just hug her again, as much as I'd like to go find that idiot I can't she needs someone to be here for her and I'm the only one here. I hold her tight as she sobs, she smells like green apples, and her hair like strawberries, She is so warm and soft, I open my eyes, and I can tell she has fallen asleep- her eyes are closed and she has stopped crying, It hurts me so much to see her in that pain, A week ago I would have wanted to kill myself rather than to be in love with Miss Granger, but now I really don't care if she's muggleborn, that was the only reason I can come up with for hating her. I look at the clock on the wall- fifteen past eleven (am) , I slowly move out of Hermione's grasp, put a blanket over her gently and  walk out of the door, forgetting to close it behind me.

(Hermione: POV)

I flutter my eyes open and find myself wrapped in a warm blanket I feel a draft of cold air come from behind me, I look over and see the door open, Draco, He cared for me last night, he cared! Why has he- why is he being so nice, his chest was so warm and muscular last night he- I quickly brush my hair, and walk out looking for him, closing the door behind me, I hurry down the flight of stairs when I see Draco and James in the hall, "What is it to you, you don't care about her- she's just a filthy mudblood, all I wanted was to root her" I felt hurt at these words but I hear a smack, my eyes fixated on them, unable to calibrate what is happening, Draco punches him, restling on the ground now, It's obvious that Draco is winning, still shocked I find it impossible to move and make a small noise, Draco whips around to look at me with a shy guilty look on his face, just in time for James to punch him, he rolls Draco over to the ground, him on top of him punching his face, I finally find my body warming up to me and run over "Stop James! Stop It-" I feel a sting in my cheek as James hits me, falling backwards I can hear his words ringing in my ear "Don't touch me you filthy mudblood" He shouts. He then gets up off Draco and starts walking towards me raising his arm high above me, I shield my face in my arms ready for impact. When I look up to see Draco heading towards him "Don't touch her!" Draco launches himself at James and punches him countless times until finally he is knocked out. He walks over to me and helps me up, I smile at him and take his hand. He leans in towards me and his lips lock with mine as I feel a small shock of electricity running through my body making me numb, making my heart beat faster than it was before, instead of being frozen or running away I kiss him back, I put my hand to his chest, gently pushing him away "Won't you get in trouble?" he looked at me puzzled then smiled "With who?" I almost stutter "Your family, your father?"  I ask him but he just smiles "I don't care" I look at him sadly, then my eyes flutter bearly unable to say it "-But your father will hurt you!" He smiles again as he brushes my hair out of my face, making me relax a little "My mother would stop him, and I really couldn't care less what he thinks" I still uneasy about all of this, how I got here, in the arms of Draco Malfoy, not even Harry and Ron know, still looking at him I ask "I thought we were enemies" He chuckles and says amusingly "I thought we were too." He leans in closer and I feel myself melt into his light grey eyes before we both close them, locking our lips again. I feel startled, as I feel him jump a bit too at the weird addicting feeling which feels like a spark making our lips feel numb with desire. Our eyes widened briefly before we both succumbed into another kiss. Draco deepens the kiss, moving his soft lips against mine almost if he was shy. I feel a warm feeling wash over me as one of his hands snake around my neck and the other around my lower back, I find my hand clutching softly to his black wooly sweater bringing him a little close to me, whilst my other arm is tangled in his soft platinum-blonde hair. We finally come to a hault, our lips red and plump. Draco hovers an inch from my face, looking dissapointed but happy at the same time "Draco?" He smiles "Mm?" I sigh "Have you been to your bedroom yet?" He looks at me puzzled, raising one of his eyebrows with a obvious sort of confusion on his face "Yessss?" I look up into his light grey eyes again "Why are you sleeping on the couch then?" He smiles glumly and then takes my hand "The room is just so depressing. I guess I love the colours but it just feels lonely, kinda reminds me of my home a bit, It hardly has any light in it at all, I sleep on the couch because-" he starts smirking for a brief second "-other than the fact that it is the most comfiest couch I have ever been on, I can feel the warmth and light of the fireplace, the only time I go in there is to change." I grip slightly harder on his hand "You can sleep in my room with me, if you want?" I smile up to him, he looks down to his feet uneasy "I hardly think I'd be able to control myself" but he smiles and grips my hand slightly tighter again, as I feel the warmth flowing into my hands, he whispers into my ear, and I can't help but blush and smile "but for you I could."

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