Chapter three

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So much for "Quality Time" as my mate had said this was but how is it that when he was barely in the room with me?

I've been laying in this bed for three days practically alone. Titus would wake up before me only to come back late at night and that's when I would feel him spoon me from behind. He would whisper little things in my ear like

'Baby you awake?'
'how was your day princess? I missed you?'

He would talk with his sweet deep smooth voice that tingled my insides.

Anyway He knew I was in bed all day with this cast on my foot and some older women would come in and bring me food every few hours so besides that, how the hell is my day suppose to go?

I was really annoyed last night and I felt it was the last straw when he came in the room around midnight and I think he was a little drunk because of the way he was talking and acting.

He laid down behind me like usual but he began kissing the back of my neck and that set me off. His hot minty breath against my skin with his wet soft lips added had me going crazy and the only thing that stopped me from turning around and making it worse by kissing him back is that he suddenly stopped and fell asleep I guess because of the alcohol.

This morning waking up in an empty bed I felt I was tired of being trapped in this room and I just wanted to go back to my pack. I have been mind linking my pack since Titus was barely with me and we've come up with a plan.

Since everything was going smoothly since I've been here we were going to wait at least until tomorrow and they were going to take me back. I don't know how, Hayes wouldn't even tell me the plan I just knew that after tomorrow I was going to be back home.

The thought had me feeling so good inside that I almost didn't even hear  the bedroom door opening. Shock took over my face as a pretty pink tray of waffles, eggs and a cup of orange juice was handed to me.

"For you."

My gaze stayed focused on the person in front of me as he leaned against the dresser watching me with a somber expression on his handsome face.

"I'm sorry angel." His eyes flickered on me and
I glanced at my food.
"So this is your way of apologizing?" I answered in a dry tone. "Doing your maids Job?"

"No." He quickly replied. He walked over to the bed and grabbed the tray from me so he could sit down. "Breakfast in bed Is nothing compared to what you deserve my love." His deep voice serenaded me while his eyes mirrored one of a sad puppy.

I raised my eyebrow questionably as if his puppy dog expression didn't melt my heart. But it did.
"So what do I deserve?" I couldn't help to ask.

"Anything your heart desires Angelina." He lifted my chin so I could look into his eyes.

"Titus" I whispered shakily, My body was vibrating under his touch.

"Yes baby?" He purred staring at my lips like he wanted to suck them.

"I'm tired of being trapped in this room and the worst part is, you keep leaving me here, alone."

Titus immediately stood to his feet and walked around to my side of the bed. I watched as his muscles flexed while he gently removed the bandages from my leg. I felt nothing. My leg felt like it was 100% back to normal.

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