Ryan blaney (dirty)

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I had just gotten down to victory lane to congratulate my wonderful boyfriend Ryan on his win. I could tell he was excited along with his family and crew, this was his first Daytona 500 win. (Trust me I know he hasn't won just, for the story line)

"Oh my god babe! You did it I'm so proud of you!" I yell running up to him. He hugs me and picks me up spinning me around a few times then putting me back down.

"We gotta celebrate later babygirl." He whispers into my ear seductively before pulling away from the hug.

Champagne and water fly everywhere and to be honest it smells horrible but it's all worth it in the end. This has been the moment Ryan's been waiting for his whole life, and to be able to experience it with him makes me so overjoyed.

Chase Elliott and Dale Jr. came over to congratulate Ryan, even though they had both spun out of the race. Damn you calamity corner! I hugged Chase quickly and got pulled to the side by Dale.

"This is such an amazing time for Ryan and I want you both to take it in, not many people are able to win here. If I or Chase couldn't win in glad it was Blaney. Also have fun tonight.. We all know what happens after a big win." He tells me smirking and walking over to the boys who were laughing at something.

"Hey Ry I'll meet you in the motor coach okay? I wanna change into something more comfortable." I say whispering that last part so only he and I can hear.

After an hour or so Ryan comes back all exuberant from the celebrating that happened a bit ago.

"Baby? Where are ya?" I hear Ryan yell from the front door.

I let him find his way to me, eventually he comes in and his mouth drops to the floor. All around him are rose petals and candles (fake of course) and me laying there in nothing but black lacy bra and underwear.

"Wow..you look stunning y/n..I should win more often." He says taking his shirt off eager to get started.

He quickly strips and climbs on top of me kissing me roughly, he licks my bottom lip asking for permission and of course I let him in. After a while of our tongues fighting he lets me win and I switch positions. Me now on top of him straddling his waist feeling his erection through my panties.

I slowly grind on him earning a throaty growl that just makes me wanna keep going. I stop and start to palm him through his boxers making him weak, even thought he won't admit it he loves seeing me in control.

"Y/n please-- enough with the teasing-" He says gasping for breath.

I quit my teasing and pull down his boxers revealing his rather large boner. I take it in my right hand and start pumping him slowly knowing he hates the teasing and wish we could just get to it. I finally give in and put my mouth around him, he lets out a loud moan of my name making me wetter than before.

"Fuck Y/n you make me feel so good!" He practically yells, voice shaky.

"Do you like this Ry? Does this make you feel reallyyy goodd? I ask dragging out the words "really" and "good".

"Yes oh my god yes please keep going." He says throwing his head back into the pillows.

By this point I'm throbbing so hard, just looking at him makes me wet. I can't stand it anymore and I place myself on top of him teasing my core. He then slams into me, he rolls us over.

"Enough is enough I'm going to Fuck the living daylights out of you." He says pounding into me at a rate so fast I can't even comprehend anything.

"Fuck Y/n fuck- I'm gonna"
"I am too" I cut him off moaning his name while my orgasm spills all over his dick.

"Babygirl that was amazing." He says panting and laying down beside me showering my neck and jaw in hickies.

"Ry-an." I moan starting to get worked up again. "We can't, we have a long trip ahead of us tomorrow."

"Alright baby, go to sleep then. I love you." He says kissing my lips one last time before turning over and heading to sleep.

I drift off with a smile on my face knowing how lucky I am.

- next morning -

Ryan and I head off to the airport to meet with Dale Jr. and Chase. Once we got there I notice a bunch of the other drivers hanging around and talking to each other. Once Ryan and I come into sight they all yell and when we got closer I hear Joey Logano and Dale wolf whistling at us.

"The happy couple definitely had a good time last night I have to say." Brad says snickering.

"Yeah I would have to agree, victory sex is the best sex." Ryan says stopping the laughing. I gasp at him not expecting that to come out of his mouth.

"Well congratulations on your win Ryan." Carl Edwards says coughing at the newfound silence.

"Thanks guys, means a lot I've been dreaming of this for a long time." Ryan says snaking his arm around my waist grinning.

After everyone walks away it's just Dale, Chase, Bubba, Ryan and myself. Dale once again pulls me over to the side.

"Told you victory nights are eventful." Dale says smirking at me and then looking over to Ryan.

"Yeah you're right it's pretty great." I laugh at his comment and walk back to the boys with the biggest smile on my face.

Wow first smut? Crazy hope you all enjoyed!

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