Chapter 3

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As soon as I get to my desk this morning, my captain is there waiting for me. "The FBI is here to see you."


"I don't know. They said it was classified. Follow me." I follow him to the room where they are waiting for me. I step inside and the door closes behind me. I look at two agent's one male and one female. They both stand up and introduce themselves, "I'm agent Holmes and this is agent Yard. We just need to speak with you for a little while. Will you come with us? After we finish talking, we'll bring you back." I nod, what's the worst that can happen?

We gain a lot of attention when we walk out of the front door. I'm just happy that they're not taking me out in cuffs. If so, that would have been the real show. I follow them out to their car and we get inside. We take off from the station and agent Yard starts talking, "We just want to update you about what's going on before we get to our destination. Everything that we will tell you from now on is top secret. You can't tell anyone, understand?"

I nod, "Yes. What's going on?"

"When the explosion happened that took your wife and your unborn child, everyone was told that there weren't any survivors of the bombing. The rumors that went around were squashed. The truth is, there is one survivor and you met her at the bar you went to last night." She tells me.

She continues, "She has amnesia. Whenever something from that day triggers her memory, she gets a headache. We've talked to a psychiatrist who says that her mind isn't ready to open that door yet, but when the time is right, she will remember. We'll tell you the rest when we get inside."

We pull up to a plain brick building, very nondescript. We get out of the car and walk inside. I look around and it's a hub of activity. It looks like a regular office, with people on the phone, at computers and even talking at the water fountain. The only difference if you notice it, is that all of them have a badge someplace on their body. They lead me to a room, that has a big conference table inside and a group of people around it. I notice that there is a little giggling and throat clearing when I look around. They hand me a bottle of water and wave towards where they want me to sit.

As soon as I'm settled, another guy starts talking to me. He introduces himself to me as agent Roberts and then introduces everyone else around the table. After the introductions are completed, he starts, "Excuse the laughter. Everyone has seen the video of Carmen taking you down." He gives a pointed look around the table and it quiets down. "I take it that Agent's Holmes and Yard have filled you in on what's going on?"

"Yes sir." I say. "We have a proposition for you. You can help us keep an eye on her until she gets her memory back. We can't hang around the bar because we become suspicious looking. But you can go inside every other night and it look normal. We need someone to be able to go inside like that. You will be compensated for your time and you will have back-up at all times." He says.

They all look at me waiting for my answer. I consider my options. All I've been doing lately is going to work and back home. Last night was the first time that I've been out since she died. Carmen did peak my interest when I met her last night. This will be a good way to get to know her. At the very least, I'll help them get the guys who killed my wife.

I look up at everyone, "I'll help. I want the people who killed my wife to be caught." They all nod and I'm filled in on where they are at in the investigation and what I need to do. They come up with an excuse for me to take back to work when I go back for the rest of my shift. They give me everything I need and we leave again. The agents take me back to the precinct and drop me off. My captain is the first one to approach me as I walk inside.

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