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We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas! And a happy new year!

My first day out of bed, in crutches and I am spending it Christmas shopping. Something I haven't done in years, and It's one of those things where it's something for someone who has everything. Harry probably had enough money to buy himself an island, so what can I buy him?

"Don't stress yourself over a gift for him" Quinn says, wheeling up beside me as I look at a watch in a display.

"I just.... I've never" I sigh, dropping my head.

"I understand, but honestly if it's from you he'll probably love anything you can buy him underwear and he'd love it" she says, with a pat on my leg.

"Okay!" Zayn says, loudly walking into the store we stood in. "I've bought, and wrapped gifts for my mum, dad, grandma, and grandpa on both sides, all of my sisters, Liam, Louis, two for Louis because he's picky, you Niall, you Quinn, your dad because why not, your Grandma because I saw something cute, Nurse Millie because I simply adore her! And something for myself! I am ready to go!" he says.

"Christ Zayn, how do you do it?" Quinn says.

"I just, do it if they don't like it then I keep it for myself!" he says, with a broad smile.

"I'm going to drive this home quickly, I'll be back in like 30 minutes" Zayn says, we just give him a nod and then he was gone just as quickly as he appeared.

"I wish it was that easy for me" I mutter.

"You'll find something for my dad Niall" Quinn says.

"I mean for you too! You've done so much for me Quinn, you took me in when we were practically strangers! You stuck by myside and has become my best friend through thick and thin!" I say, she smiles.

"Niall, I promise you, anything you're going to buy me I'm going to love" Quinn smiles.

The first Christmas I remember, was different. Our tree was a sapling my mother over payed for. There were two gifts under the tree one that I got for my mother and one she got for me. My present to her was a hand drawn portrait of her and I, standing in a field of wild flowers. I did my best and it was one tier above a stick figure, but she treated it like a Leonardo Di' Vinci painting she praised me to holy hell for it, and insisted I was going to be an artist. She got me a vintage watch, one of the hands didn't work it smelled like old cologne and it barely fit on my wrist, but I loved it. Christmas morning, she made my favorite blueberry chocolate chip pancakes and hot chocolate and we sat in front of our small television and watched Christmas movie. We didn't have a decoration, we didn't have a huge tree, and we didn't plan corny Christmas songs.

So, when Quinn and I arrived to the house, which I was still staying at until I was fully healed and could go back to Zayn's house. Every wall was decorated with streamers and fake snowflakes, there was Christmas lights and a tree. We walked into the living room just as Harry finished hanging a mistletoe.

"Eh a mistletoe" he winks, Quinn gags wheeling passed and I roll my eyes, I stop in front of him pecking him on the lips. "Now where is your Christmas spirit?" he winks. I just roll my eyes again and walk into the living room. The Christmas tree touched the ceiling already filled with streamers, and beautiful lights, that gleamed. There was already a hand full of presents and Quinn adds the one's we bought today. "Do you like it"

I didn't realize I was silent. I didn't realize I was holding my breath, my eyes were welling, I bite my lip wiping my eyes.

"Niall?" Harry says, grabbing me by the shoulders.

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