Chapter Five

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Leo (weren't expecting that were you)

Leo was in Bunker Nine when he heard rapid knocking on the door. "Okay, okay!" He yelled, running up to the door with grime covered hands. He used his elbows to turn the knob.

What he saw made him pale. A very irritated Hazel and *gulp* Piper. What did I possibly do now? He thought to himself.

He forced a smile. Do not show weakness, he thought. "And what can Flamin' Valdez do for you ladies?" He asked while leaning against the doorway.

They both rolled their eyes in perfect sync. "Leo," Piper sighed, obviously annoyed, "It's your turn to watch Percy. Frank's been there for an hour waiting for you."

Leo immediately straightened up. Ever since Percy had been taken off the air mask (it's been two days), the seven had been taking turns watching over him. Considering anything could happen at this point. And that Annabeth needed to sleep at some point. She stayed with him at night.

"Hades," he cussed. "Alright," he said hurriedly, "Give me a second."

He ran outside and dipped his hands in the lake, effectively wiping away the dirt. He then locked the door to Bunker Nine and the trio was on their way.

"I think I'll stay," Hazel said as they arrived. Leo nodded. He knew she'd been really worried for Percy. He was like her brother.

Leo could relate to that. And so could Piper. And Jason. And Frank. Percy had become their family. Their glue. He held them all together.

Hazel entered, Piper and Leo following. Before Leo could enter though, Frank stopped him. "He's having trouble. Getting a bit frustrated. He could use some jokes." Leo smiled and nodded happily, "My pleasure."

Frank smiled. "Keep him awake," he added, "he's sleep deprived but you know what happens when he sleeps. And Annabeth isn't here." Leo nodded once more.

They knew exactly what happened him Percy fell asleep without Annabeth or the air mask. (A/N Percy still had to use the mask at night because he was having a lot of trouble and still had to focus on it.) He got horrible nightmares of hell and he lost the ability to breath right. When he woke up, weak, he felt like he was still in the nightmare. And that didn't usually end well. Annabeth was the only one who understood him. The only one that could calm him down.

As Leo entered the room, Frank and Piper walked away, heading toward the arena.

Leo's smile faltered a bit when he saw Percy. He understood what Frank meant. Percy looked worse today.

His head lolled to one side, like he could no longer keep it up. His eyes were sunken and dull. He looked like every breath was a piercing knife and every twitch was a jolt of electricity.

Hazel took a seat beside him, taking his hand as a comfort. Leo sat down across from him. He took a deep breath. It was time for him to do his thing. "Sorry man," he began, "but I'm not holding your hand." And he swore he saw Percy's mouth twitch upward.

A/N Sorry if this chapter wasn't good. I have to go to gymnastics practice because there's a meet this weekend. I won't be home until later.

Disclaimer: All PJO/HoO characters and places belong to Rick Riordan.

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