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Pen Your Pride

no title but please read and comment chap 21

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They released each other and Craig wiped his tears embarrassed while Charlotte looked at him proudly.

She looked over at Jake and me and her smile got wider. She walked over to us and sat down beside me. She took my hand and

leant over to take Jake's. "I am really happy for both of you and I'm beginning to think that I should have gotten Kristi to marry you Jake in the first place. You make a cute couple." She said, looking at us both.

I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks so I was glad my hair could cover my face. Jake saw though and pushed the hair behind my ears. I looked at him and he grinned at me. Typical of him!

I turned my attention back to Charlotte and she was grinning at us from ear to ear. I guess she witnessed all that. I didn't want her seeing me blushing beet red so I looked down at my feet. Then a thought struck me.

"Why did you call me here?" I asked her, remembering Jake telling me that there were some "Queen Situations" to handle. "We need to get you in perfect Queen Condition of course!" She exclaimed. I mean exclaimed, she had her arms in the air!

"Queen Conditions?" I asked, confused. This time Jake rolled his eyes. "Do you think you're going to go in front of your fans wearing a crop top and skinny jeans?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

True. "Point made. So how exactly am I going to be in "Perfect Queen Conditions"?" I asked, making air quotes with my fingers. "Leave that to me." Charlotte said with a funny glint in her eyes.

I have a feeling Charlotte is like a lioness. She can really loving and caring to her kids and husband but if anything bad happens she could get fierce. I don't know why, but she just had that air around her.

"Come on then." I gave Jake a nervous glance and followed Charlotte out the door. As soon as we were outside she seemed to glitter and a sudden rush of air swept passed me. Suddenly, we were inside the gate of a shopping centre.

"Um, Charlotte, did you just transport us here?" I asked her cautiously. I realised she was holding my hand. How did that happen without me knowing? "No, honey. I ran here, I have super speed." She answered. Wow! I wonder what powers I have.

We walked to a posh looking shop but I couldn't help but feel like I was being watched. I shrugged it off, thinking I must be becoming paranoid but the thought still stayed there at the back of my mind.

"Katie! How are you?" Charlotte exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air. I saw a middle aged women coming out from the corner.

She had flaming red hair up to her shoulders and was wearing a casual but business like blue dress.

They air kissed and the lady name Katie even kissed the air next to my cheeks as well!

"You are Kristi I presume!" She said to me, she had warm grey eyes as she scanned my body up and down. I felt self conscious as she continued scanning me. She probably sensed my uneasiness so she came and led me by the shoulders.

"Don't worry honey; I'm looking at what changes I could make to you." She said, seating me into a hairdresser chair. "Changes?" I echoed. "Don't worry sweetheart, just to make you look better." She said, giving me a robe to wear on top of my clothes.

I put it on and she got her scissors and started snipping away my hair. She covered the mirror so that I couldn't see what she was doing. After the hair we went to the clothes section, by clothes I mean dresses. And then we went over to shoes, purses and makeup.

I didn't know Queens got this much pampering. Maybe I could get used to this....

At the end of the "transformation" I was taken to see Charlotte who was waiting with Jake now. I walked out as Jake gaped at me. That's right, gaped. His jaw was hanging and he made no effort to hide it.

I blushed slightly as Jake walked over to me and pecked me on the lips. "You look gorgeous." He said. I didn't answer. "You still haven't seen yourself have you?" He asked. I nodded my head. He led me over to a full length mirror and he pulled off the white material. I stared back at my reflection. I was so dazed, I was speechless. My hair was now feathered and also had light brown and red highlights making my hair always look like they were in a spotlight.

I was wearing a silvery white gown with intricate designs. ( It really made my figure stand out and it showed my curves perfectly.

Jake smiled at my expression and led me back to Charlotte. I may not know Charlotte much but I have figured this much out: She can get really excited. "You look beautiful Kristi!" She squealed like a little girl. My to be mother-in-law just squealed. Wow.

Charlotte walked out of the shop claiming to have seen the perfect shoes to go with my dress. I told her I already bought my shoes but she just said that there is nothing called one too many shoes.

If it was my mother she would've died three times before she said those words. That reminds me, I have to tell my mum about this. But what am I going to say to her? I'm going to get married to a faraway dimension's prince and become queen?

She's going to think I've lost my mind and take me straight to the

mental hospital! I was so deep in thought I didn't realize Jake was trying to get my attention.

Kristi!" He yelled. I jumped back in surprise and he caught my wrist before I could crash to the floor. He pulled me back up so I was leaning on his chest. I hadn't realized before but Jake was really strong!

"Now, I need to do something I haven't had a chance to do properly all day." He said. "And what exactly is that?" I giggled. "This" And he ducked down to capture my lips with his own.

He put his hands on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck, my hands snaking into his hair. "" He said between breaths. "" I asked, panting myself. "Because then I will never survive." He said. I smiled at his sincerity and kissed him. Just as I released him a glowing Charlotte came back with bags with designers labels on them. I blushed at the thought of her witnessing all that.

Charlotte came rushing to me and pulled out some black and red lingerie. I gasped as she showed me because I was all too aware Jake was watching and grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I looked away with embarrassment and Charlotte laughed. "Honey, you're going to get married to him. It won't matter if he sees you're underwear." She said. I blushed even harder and Jake chuckled.

He came over and pulled me to his side. "That's enough embarrassment for poor Kristi today mum. You can carry on tomorrow." He said, winking. I slapped his arm lightly and he just laughed.


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